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Solidie is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to transform your simple website into a full-fledged digital content stock platform, also known as a marketplace. With Solidie, you can showcase and monetize a wide variety of content, including audio, video, images, apps, tutorials, fonts, and more, directly from your own website.

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Here’s the main features:

  • Contents: Supports Audio, Video, Image, Apps, Documents, 3D Contents, Fonts, Tutorials and so on.
  • Dashboard: Advanced dashboard to manage contents.
  • Gallery: Unified content gallery with advanced filtering.
  • Single Page: Single content details page with social reactions, download and purchase options.
  • Monetization: Free version supports showcasing only free contents.
  • Content React: Supports like, comment, rating, share and wishlist.
  • App Management: Provides app release management and automatic update distribution.
  • Tutorial: This special content type supports sequential article writing, making it perfect for creating detailed documentation and workflows.

Additional features in Pro version

  • Monetization: Supports paid contents in addition to free.
  • Frontend Dashboard: Dedicated frontend dashboard for customers and contributors to manage their account, contents and purchases.
  • Contribution: Supports third party contributions and revenue sharing.
  • Pricing: Advanced pricing plan builder with single, bundle on monthly, yearly and lifetime basis including content access limit.
  • License: Robust license key management, ensuring secure distribution and updates for your paid apps.

Who Can Use Solidie?

  • Individual content creators can use this plugin to showcase and monetize their contents on their own website and stop loosing earning percentage to bigger platform.
  • Small to large scale businesses can use this plugin to build full featured content marketplace including third party contributors and revenue sharing.
  • Freelancers can use the plugin to showcase their contents to attract clients and demonstrate their work area.
  • Content Creators like photographer, videographer, developers and so on can build their local, global or genre based exhibition community.
  • No Limit on the usage in fact as long as you create digital contents and would like to showcase to the world and/or turn them into cash.

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Please get in touch with us with any questions or for support to make sure you make the most out of Solidie.
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Documentation and Support

Here you could find solution on critical topics at Solidie Docs.

If you have any questions or problems using this plugin, you can write here in support channel

There are several minified JavaScript file that are built with React JS and compiled with Webpack. If you want to access the unminified files for this plugin, you can do so from here.

Third Party Integrations

To use the Pro version, please note that you need to install WooCommerce as well. Solidie relies on this plugin for its payment and order processing capabilities in the background.


You can download the basic version of Solidie from this page. Or, find Solidie in your website admin dashboard and install directly.
However, the Pro version needs to be purchased from Solidie Website and installed manually to add premium features to the basic one.

Here’s the manual installation steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New from the left sidebar menus
  3. Upload the downloaded zip file
  4. Click Activate

If you do not find the menu Add New for some reason, then

  1. Unzip the downloaded file to the ~/wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Login to WordPress admin dashboard
  3. Go to Plugins page from the left sidebar menus
  4. Find Solidie
  5. Click Activate

Then a new menu Solidie will appear in the left sidebar in admin dashboard where can manage contents, contributions and so on..


Any limit on how many content can be created?

You can create unlimited contents. No restriction.

Can I monetize my content?

Yes. however all the monetization features comes with the Pro version.

What type of content can be showcased?

Any type of digital contents regardless of app, audio, video, image, tutorial or anything else.

Can I release apps using it?

Yes, the features is provided in the pro version. You can release your apps, manage version, auto update distribution like playstore, appstore, wordpress repository etc. You just need to send API request to your website from your app to check update and download if need.

Does it support license key activation system for apps?

Yes, It does in pro version. Your customers will get license keys after purchaing apps from your website.

Can I sell subscription?

Yes, with the pro version. You can sell various plans for apps and all other content types on monthly, yearly and lifetime basis.

Can I build my own pricing and subscription model?

Totally. There is no static pricing model. You need to set your own pricing plan details including how many licenses one purchase would support.

How can I suggest new features?

You can create issue on Github repository or write here in support channel.


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Easy to use and feature-rich. It has everything you need to manage digital content.
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Aldaketen loga

v1.1.5 -> Jun 20, 2024

  • New: Color scheme customization settings added
  • New: Release and lessons menu option added in inventory
  • New: Contributors content deletion setting added
  • New: Decimal point support in pricing fields
  • New: Dashboard link in order details page
  • New: Content type label edit field added
  • New: Back buttong in single content page
  • Fix: User deletion throws error
  • Fix: Variation remains enabled after plan deleted from content settings
  • Fix: Invalid extra pagination count in inventory and some other place
  • Fix: Blank overlay in content content gallery
  • Fix: Sale not found issue fix in My Purchases page
  • Fix: Customer ID not syncing on order info update
  • Update: Default content thumbnail removed for video
  • Update: File uploader text enhanced
  • Update: Content reactions made default enabled
  • Update: Back state navigation enhanced
  • Update: Overall UI and UX enhancements

v1.1.4 -> May 30, 2024

  • New: Pagination content limit setting added
  • New: Default sale price field added in pricing settings
  • Fix: Pricing plan list glitch
  • Fix: Multiple audio playback issue at the same time
  • Fix: Loading icon not showing in single content page
  • Fix: Inconsistent video and thumbnail ratio in gallery
  • Update: Content type selection made persistent in inventory and gallery
  • Update: Auto open release manager on content publish
  • Update: Auto open lesson editor on content publish
  • Update: Contributors list page enhanced in admin dashboard
  • Update: Inventory page and content editor UI enhanced
  • Update: Content and lesson slug editor enhanced

v1.1.3 -> May 13, 2024

  • New: Shortcode added for gallery to support other page contents
  • Fix: Category filter not showing in gallery
  • Fix: Bundles filter not showing in gallery
  • Fix: Contents are accessible even if the type is disabled
  • Fix: API path field showing for all content types in settings
  • Fix: Some of DB columns do not get imported
  • Fix: Content slug editor and thumbnail glitch
  • Update: First content type auto select in gallery

v1.1.2 -> May 12, 2024

  • New: Updates API path settings field added
  • New: New hook added to register custom menu in frontend dashboard sidebar
  • New: Back navigation button in lesson editor
  • Fix: Gallery and single content does not load Gutenberg header footer
  • Fix: Changelog line break not showing in release panel in content editor

v1.1.1 -> May 06, 2024

  • Fix: Embedded image in content editor not showing in output
  • Fix: Original contributor get replaced if admin updates content
  • Fix: Category can not be updated if parent ID removed
  • Fix: Text formatting doesn’t trigger change in content and lesson editor
  • Fix: Gallery and single content page title are not appropriate
  • Fix: Price field glitch in content editor
  • Update: Available content count added per category in gallery
  • Update: Status dropdown in data tables enhanced

v1.1.0 -> Apr 28, 2024

  • New: Full fledged stock platform with sales, contributor, withdrawal and so many functionalities
  • Fix: Content description formatting gets removed
  • Fix: Number gets removed from content slug
  • Update: Plain text has been preferred for changelogs
  • Update: Content editor revamped with extensive features
  • Update: Navigation added in sample image previewer

v1.0.2 -> Feb 18, 2024

  • New: Like, Dislike, Rating, Comment, Share functionalities
  • Fix: Some content type not loading in single page
  • Update: Content type configuration page merged into general settings
  • Update: Gallery and single page made responsive

v1.0.1 -> Feb 10, 2024

  • Fix: Multiple bug fixes

v1.0.0 -> Jan 30, 2024

  • New: Initial release