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Soundst LinkMgr


This plugin provides complete LinkMgr functionality including link listing, link submission, webmaster contact, and all other features supported by the Sound Strategies application

This plugin is intended ONLY for use with the Sound Strategies LinkMgr application (see


This plugin can also generate the sitemap entries for the pages generated by LinkMgr. The tag <!-- linkmgrmapgen --> must be placed on the page where the site map needs to appear.


  • Output - The LinkMgr output can appear on any page or post. The page where this data appears is set in the plugin settings.

  • Settings - The following settings can be modified:
    LinkMgr login name - Enter the login name used at and click he Apply button
    Site - Use the dropdown box to select the site. If this does not appear, the LinkMgr login is incorrect.
    Page name (slug) - You must enter the permalink of an existing page name where you want the LinkMgr list to appear.
    Permalink settings - The default setting will simply use the numeric WordPress page ID and the unique LinkMgr category ID. The Tagname setting will use the tagname as it appears in LinkMgr (warning - this setting may create page name conflicts). The Full Path setting (preferred) will include page name slug followed the tag name (including path).

  • Widget - Backlink - This widget displays the reciprocal link information for category selected. A distinct DIV class can be used to format the content.

  • Widget - Link Submit - This widget displays the link submission form for the category selected. A distinct DIV class can be used to format the content.

  • Widget - Links - This widget displays the list of links for the category selected in either full format (link title and description) or short format (link title only). A distinct DIV class can be used to format the content.

  • Widget - Categories - This widget displays the list of child categories beneath the selected category. The Sound Strategies LinkMgr shared categories can be included. The short format only displays the category name (category description is not included). Indenting is controlled by the display level. A distinct DIV class can be used to format the content.


  1. Upload the linksmanager folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Adjust the plugin settings
  4. Insert the tag <!-- linkmgrmapgen --> in the desired position on the HTML sitemap page (optional)
  5. Please refer to the application home page at for detailed instructions (login required)


Please refer to the application home page at


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Aldaketen loga


  • title compability issue with “Yoast WordPress SEO” plugin (wordpress-seo)


  • robots meta-tag control addon


  • Fixed captcha


  • Fixed rewrite rules


  • Replaced the All-in-one SEO values to The LinkMgr values


  • Updated plugin dir location


  • Changed description filter (all-in-one-seo-pack plugin)


  • Fixed missed function definition (unstrip_array)


This is the initial build that was released to the WordPress community