Squawk Media


Use Squawk Media to effortlessly make your website videos and images responsive while giving you the power to customize their appearance, including the ability to tweak borders.

With Squawk Media, your images and videos will adapt seamlessly to any screen size, ensuring a visually pleasing experience for every visitor.

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  • Adding the Squawk Media block.
  • The media selector.
  • Uploading an image.
  • Image settings.
  • More settings.
  • Uploading a video.
  • Video settings.


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  • Squawk Media Assign custom CSS classes directly to your media or make your media responsive and adjust borders by tweaking a few settings.


Who would benefit from using this software?

This software would be advantageous for entrepreneurs, bloggers, designers, and business owners who need an easy yet powerful solution to add images to their WordPress website.

Where is Squawk Media developed?

San Diego, CA, United States.

Does Squawk Media collect information from their users?

The plugin does NOT collect any information.

Where can I find updated information and tutorials about this product?


Can I easily uninstall this plugin?

Absolutely. Go to your “Plugins” section, find Squawk Media and click on Deactivate and then Delete. This plugin along with any Squawk Media settings in the database will be completely removed from your website.


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  • Initial release