Publish To Apple News

Enables journalistic outlets already approved by Apple News to send content directly to the app.

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With WP-Appbox you can add beautiful mobile app badges to your WordPress posts and pages…

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Create easily a nice gallery of videos for your site with youtube and/or flv videos.

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iTunes Link Engine

Download the iTunes Link Engine to automatically localize and affiliate iTunes product links to improve…

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Connect to Apple Music

The Connect to Apple Music plugin enables you to add songs, albums and artists through…

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Booktrope – Counter

Easily create an apple style visual counter 40+ instalazio aktibo Proba 3.5.2 WordPress bertsioarekin egin da 10 urte egun eguneratuta

Widget iTunes Feed

Show iTunes feed like apple music, iTunes music, ios apps … on wordpress widget

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Itunes AppStore App Ranking

This plugin lets you add your app's position on the appstore to your blog. Simple…

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The Leading Mobile Commerce Platform – Create Mobile Apps Your Customers Love

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iOS Alternate Theme

Automatically switch to an alternate theme for Apple iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad).

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Featured Image Meta Tag in RSS

If you need to add the post's featured image as a Open Graph meta tag…

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iPhods iTunes Top Products Widget

This plugin is a simple plugin to generate widgets highlighting top products available on Apple…

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Zaki Push Notification

Add the Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) at your site.

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CTRL/CMD Save for WordPress

Save posts easier with the keyboard shortcuts. ~ Stefan 10 baino gutxiago instalazio aktibo Proba 4.9.24 WordPress bertsioarekin egin da 6 urte egun eguneratuta

AppToday RSS Widget

This WordPress plug-in parses latest Apple iTunes RSS feed for iOS apps and display them…

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