Enhanced Menu Editor

Adds menu editing options to the built-in WordPress Menus page like copying entire menus, and…

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Columns renaming for WP Sheet Editor

Rename spreadsheet columns when you are bulk editing Posts and Pages using the spreadsheet.

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SEO Bulk Editor

View and edit all All-In-One SEO Pack Titles on one page and Meta Descriptions on…

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Bulk Coupons Editing For WooCommerce

Streamline your coupon management process by editing and updating multiple coupons at once.

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Viström Media Library Categories

Categorize and filter your media library by categories, added support for bulk editing in both…

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Bulk Categories Edit for Media

Allows to edit categories in bulk at attachement/media page, needs to have categories for media…

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Bulk Edit for WooCommerce

Bulk edit thousands of products data in the robust and flexible way!

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Edit Flow for Custom Bulk/Quick Edit

Modify Edit Flow options via bulk and quick edit panels in conjunction with Custom Bulk/Quick…

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WP Many Posts

WP Many Posts helps admin to manage blogs with thousands of posts in seconds and…

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ZPR Zeumic Products Database

ZPR Zeumic Products Database, a free product editor WordPress plugin works with WooCommerce and/or ZWM…

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This Plugin lets you change product prices, stock quantities and title in bulk.

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