Advanced Category Excluder

The No.1 content separator, content manager, content excluder, sidebar widget manager plugin to enable CMS…

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Attachment Taxonomies

This plugin adds categories and tags to the WordPress media library – lightweight and developer-friendly.

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Bulk Add Terms

A lightweight plugin to add thousands of taxonomy terms in one go.

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WP Post Sorting

This plugin allows sorting of posts alphabetically, customizable for each category.

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WP REST API – Pure Taxonomies

This plugin include all available taxonomy attributes into the WordPress REST API (v2) without additional…

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GUI for List Category Posts

This plugin adds a graphical shortcode creator for the List Category Posts plugin, accessible via…

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Multi-Column Taxonomy List

List your categories, tags, or custom taxonomies into multiple, customizable, columns.

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Post Tiles

Post Tiles gives the ability to display posts as tiles. The tiles are color coded…

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Most Popular Tags

Most Popular Tags is a plugin that displays your WordPress site's most popular tags, categories…

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Media Categories

Easily assign categories to media with a clean, simple, and searchable category meta box. Then…

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