Venngage Infographics

Create and embed your Venngage infographics, charts and data visualizations into your WordPress site

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Plugin Name: FusionCharts for WordPress

FusionCharts is a software service provider creating data visualization products. Its flagship product, FusionCharts Suite…

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Data Visualizer

Explore, Visualize and Share your data with Data Visualizer. A simple yet powerful tool for…

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UberChart brings the endless customization possibilities included in the Chart.js library to WordPress.

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Easy Graphs

This plugin allows for simple data visualization in post content. It is Multisite compatible and…

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Dashboard Posts Stats

Add a nice graph with your published posts during the last 30 days on a…

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Prospect is a Digital Humanities platform for data curation, collaboration, visualization and analysis.

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The Connectome

The Connectome shows all of your users, posts, custom posts and taxonomy terms in a…

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Tako Data Visualization

The Tako Data Visualization plugin allows users to embed responsive data-driven visualizations from

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