Floating Social Media Links

Add a clean and simple floating frame, with social media and/or custom links, to your…

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Floating Div

An easy way to get a floating div, scrolling with your screen. Based on a…

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Simple Sticky Header on Scroll

Add the modern functionality of a sticky header that appears on scroll to your theme.

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Woo Floating Minicart

Woo Floating Minicart – is the plugin that facilitates customer to access floating minicart menu…

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Floating Contact Button

Integrates a floating contact button and opens an modal contact form.

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Floating NextPrev

Displays icons for navigation between your posts so practical and fast.

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Floating Related Posts

Increase your page views and bounce rate with Floating Related Posts

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Floating Adsense Bar

Floating Adsense side bar allows you to add floating ad bar to display floating adsense…

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WP Sticky Footer Bar

=WP Sticky Footer bar := Add a beautiful sticky floating bar at the footer of…

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Floating Icons

A lightweight plugin that displays icons floating across the screen or a specific area of…

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Float Content

Floating content, The visitors have to scroll to read the article on the page; however…

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TINET Chat Buttons

TINET.VN Chat Buttons is a free WordPress plugin for adding the live chat/call functionality of…

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