Gravity Forms HTML5 Placeholders

** End of Support ** This plugin adds native HTML5 placeholder support to Gravity Forms'…

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Create beautiful HTML5 charts from Gravity Forms submission data with a simple shortcode. You can…

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Data8 Validation

Applies Data8 Email, Unusable Name, Phone Validation and PredictiveAddress services to WooCommerce checkout, Gravity Forms…

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Gravity Forms Prevent Duplicates

Simply prevent duplicate submissions by blocking the submit button while submitting

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Gravity Forms Image in HTML

Adds a button to Gravity Forms form editor HTML input field to insert or upload…

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iContact for Gravity Forms

Integrate the remarkable Gravity Forms plugin with iContact.

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Import Excel to Gravity Forms

Bulk Import of Records from Excel (CSV) files for "Gravity Forms" with Validation and Internal…

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EngageBay for Gravity Forms

This plugin integrates Gravity Forms with EngageBay allowing form submissions to be automatically sent to…

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Gravity Forms Click & Pledge

Add a credit card payment gateway for Click & Pledge to the Gravity Forms plugin

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Shortcodes for Gravity Forms

Shortcodes for Gravity Forms adds a column in form list to display form shortcodes in…

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