Prioritize Hooks

Prioritize Hooks allows the overriding of the priority of various filters and actions hooked by…

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StartBox Easy Hooks

Easily hook content in Startbox Theme Framework. 10+ instalazio aktibo Proba 3.5.2 WordPress bertsioarekin egin da 11 urte egun eguneratuta


Displays info about WordPress actions and filters inside plugins.

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Another Show Hooks

Show the origin of an action or filter hook sequentially which helps a developer to…

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Beans Visual Hook Guide

A useful companion tool for theme development with the Beans Framework. Displays all possible Markup…

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Awesome Hooks

Customizer your theme by adding the custom HTML though WordPress text editor or Code editor.…

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WP Events Hooks Listeners

Listen various events from Wordpress Core actions and perform actions. You can setup various workflow…

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Action Runner by The Rite Sites

New Blocks can often ignore action and filter hooks in php or theme templates. This…

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Captain Hooks

Captain Hooks is a WordPress plugin that provides developers with a comprehensive view of all…

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DLM – Advanced Settings

Download Monitor is a plugin for uploading and managing downloads, tracking downloads and displaying links.

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