Equivalent Mobile Redirect

Easy way to detect and redirect mobile visitors to the equivalent page on your mobile…

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WP Mobile Redirect

Detect mobile device and redirect to mobile optimize website. You can also choose whether or…

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WMF Mobile Redirector

A plugin for creating redirect mobile devices to your mobile site.

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AddFunc Mobile Detect

Redirects mobile traffic, allows visitors to opt back, optionally prevent redirection of WordPress' parts (Post,…

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Multi Mobile Redirect

Multi Mobile Redirect allows to set up redirect for any url to mobile version of…

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PHP Mobile Redirect

Easily detect mobile devices and redirect them to the mobile version of your site.

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Mobile Site Redirect

Redirection to a separate mobile site such as http://m.example.com with the same page name (so…

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Average Mobile Detect

Redirects mobile traffic to mobile site, allows visitors to opt for desktop site, provides shortcodes…

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GS GoMobi Redirector

Mobile device detection and automatic redirect to goMobi mobile website

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