qTranslate META

For users of qTranslate, allows you to set multi-lingual META tags and a <title> override…

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BxSlider WP

An easy-to-use WordPress slider plugin for bxSlider.

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Sublanguage is a lightweight multilanguage plugin for wordpress.

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xili-tidy-tags is a tool for grouping tags by semantic groups or by language eta for…

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Per Post Language

This plugin allows the user to set the blog language per post or page while…

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Goo Translate Widget

Make your website instantly available in 90+ languages with Google Translate Widget. Add the power…

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Simple Language Switcher

A simple and lightweight plugin that displays a customizable language switcher.

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Easy hreflang

Easy hreflang helps you easily set hreflang tags on the pages of your website !

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Multilingual Comments

Multilingual Comments is an add-on for WPML / WooCommerce. This plugin makes it possible via…

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Adds the output of the Multisite Language Switcher to one (or more) of your navigation…

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Allows you to blog in multi-language, and users to select which to read. Works on…

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WPML comment merging

This plugin merges comments from all WPML translations of the posts and pages, so that…

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