MF Gig Calendar

A simple event calendar created for musicians but useful for anyone. Supports multi-day events, styled…

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Gigs Calendar

Manage and display a calendar of your gigs/shows/performances.

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LabelGrid Tools

LabelGrid Tools is an advanced plugin for Record Labels, Artists, and Distributors that allow to…

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Organize your discography; and offer downloads, streams and ways to buy your music.

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DA Media GigList

A WordPress plugin to create and maintain a list of gigs or events on your…

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WP VibeDeck

Play and sell your music online, for free. Embed the VibeDeck audio player & store…

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HTML5 MP3 player with Flash Fallback. Play music while browsing your site – 100$ AJAX…

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Musician Press

Musician Press – Video entertainment for musicians. 24/7 Programming. Includes daily content for bass players,…

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