Ajax Comment Preview

Visitors to your site can preview their comments with a click of a button.

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muv – Hide Preview

Versteckt in der Entwicklungsphase befindende einzelne Seiten, Unterordner oder auch ganze Websites vor den Augen…

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Inline mp3 player

A inline mp3 player for the web, using javascript soundkit and scriptaculous.

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Shortcode Preview Block

Shows preview of any shortcode on editor side. It renders shortcode in the editor side…

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TDD Recent Posts

Simple widget that displays the recent posts with a short content preview. Control the length…

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Scrape and Debug

Simplify page debugging via Facebook Sharing Debugger, LinkedIn Post Inspector, Google's Structured Data Testing Tool…

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Css Live Reload

Reload all CSS Files resources on your page by just one click (if surfing via…

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Phee's LinkPreview

Preview basic SEO link info before clicking it

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WP Export Users

Allows for custom csv user data output. It allows you to customize the Field Separators…

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Smart Editor

WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get.) HTML5 Editor,

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WP Widget Preview

Enables a preview mode for widgets. In preview mode, widgets are only visible for admins.

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PWD Theme Switcher

Change theme to see your changes without saving it just for your session.

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This plugin dynamically shows preview screenshots of hyperlinks as tooltips on your WordPress site.

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Live Theme Preview

Live Theme Preview allows users to preview themes on their own website before customizing or…

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Preview Posts Everywhere

This plugin allows you to preview your drafts on home, category, archive and search pages…

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Add a post preview next to the editor.

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