Simple Woocommerce Favourites

Manages a simple list of favourites for each user of their preferred products and displays…

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Product Admin Notes Simple

Simple plugin to add an admin notes field to products, nothing complicated just gets the…

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WooCommerce Coming Soon

Enables you to display a message to customers saying the product is "Coming Soon" rather…

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Conecta Prestashop con Wordpress para extraer los productos y mostrarlos en los artículos.

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Lazy Load for WooCommerce

Lazy Load for WooCommerce includes the functionality to properly append Lazy Load into the image…

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WooCommerce Phone Number Required

Woocommerce Phone Number Required Module is very much usefull to make phone number required field…

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WP Twitter Post (WooTweet)

It will tweet your wordpress posts, WooCommerce products and all other custom post types on…

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Product Editor

Completely free plugin for convenient bulk or individual editing of woocommerce products.

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