Prepare New Version

Create the next version of your post while preserving its already online version.

Lionel POINTET, GLOBALIS media systems 8.000+ instalazio aktibo Proba 4.0.36 WordPress bertsioarekin egin da 8 urte egun eguneratuta

All-In-One Cufon

Wordpress plugin for easy font replacement. 1.000+ instalazio aktibo Proba 3.3.2 WordPress bertsioarekin egin da 11 urte egun eguneratuta

Clone & Replace

Gives you the ability to clone posts, and replace posts. Together, you have a very…

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Image Headlines

This plugin allows you to have images created automatically for your entry titles. In this…

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PostMarkApp Mail Replacement

A simple plugin that replaces the default wp_mail function with PostMarkApp (

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Custom Post Avatar

Custom Post Avatar gives you the possibility to replace your default avatar by a custom…

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Advanced Galleria

Replaces the Wordpress default "[gallery]" shortcode to insert a Galleria Slideshow.

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