PPWP – Password Protect Pages

Password protect WordPress pages and posts by user roles or with multiple passwords; protect your…

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Sitewide (Admin) Header/Footer

Change the header/footer of the front- and backend of WordPress Multisite

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Smart Protect

Smart Protect offers a solution to protect your entire site and choose which pages within…

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Sitewide Google Analytics

This plugin adds Google Analytics tracking code to all WordPress pages. In network/multisite mode, this…

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Featured Posts

Featured posts plugin & widget for WordPress or WordPress MU.

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BuddyPress Sitewide Featured Posts

This is a BuddyPress plugin that allows you to select and display featured posts sitewide.

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Multisite Global Terms

Allow global terms across all blogs on a multisite installation.

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Sitewide Coloring

Plugin that allows show banners on all pages or posts just in few clicks without…

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