Plugin Reinstaller

The Plugin Reinstaller plugin enables the bulk plugin reinstall.

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SVN Auto Upgrade

Description: Hook into plugin and core upgrader to support SVN driven sites. Now you can…

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MySitesManager Updates Checker is the easy way to manage multiple WordPress sites. We take the headache out… 10+ instalazio aktibo Proba 3.9.36 WordPress bertsioarekin egin da 8 urte egun eguneratuta

Update Notifier Telegram

Sends notifications to the administrator in Telegram if a new version of WordPress is available.…

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Secure software updates for WordPress.

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Extension Manager

This plugin helps you to install, upgrade, delete and search for plugins and themes.

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WP Update Checklist

Checklist for WordPress core, plugin updates and themes updates. What should your developer always check.

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Stop Living in the Past

Do your part to help phase out Internet Explorer 6 forever by adding a warning…

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