Disable Add New Plugins

This plugin will disable the functionalities of add new plugins and file editing in your…

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Folded Pages

A lightweight WordPress plugin to filter and view hierarchical child pages more efficiently in the…

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WP Growl

Show your WordPress admin notices in a growlike / better way, and snooze them whenever…

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ThreatPoint IP Reputation

This plugin protects WordPress Sites from unwanted malicious access attempts by leveraging IP reputation data…

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Favorite Links

Increase your productivity by adding favorite links to the wp-admin bar. Customize favorite links per…

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Pop Menus for WP-Admin

Menus for your WP-Admin sidebar that will save you time. Powered by jQuery and CSS.

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WP Many Posts

WP Many Posts helps admin to manage blogs with thousands of posts in seconds and…

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WP Mini Admin Bar

Makes the admin bar a small button on the left and expands on hover.

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EP Admin Messages

Show messages in WP Admin. Different messages can be shown at different places, for different…

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Warn Other Admins

With this plugin you can warn other wp-admin users. For example, you can type “Don’t…

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Social-Icons-By-Demoify provides a user friendly interface to link with the social networking sites. It user…

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