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Engage with your customers like never before! Reach out to them with Tellephant’s advanced and easy to use messenger communication platform – now available with WooCommerce

To get started, install the Tellephant WhatsApp Messaging plugin from your WooCommerce account and enter your API key to login.

From the dashboard, you can now manage templates to be shared with your customers based on the actions that they take. The admin can enable or disable campaigns as necessary from the dashboard and the analytics will be on full display on the Tellephant panel.

The integration allows the user to update order information manually or automate the process using our API tools to deliver campaigns more efficiently.


  • The first screenshot is the login page where user will enter API key provided by tellephant.
  • This screenshot second shows the panel after login which will take information from you what you triggers you want to save and configure for your woocommerce website and panel.
  • In the third,you can select the template which can also register from tellephant and also used approved ones to configure with the provided triggers.
  • The fourth screenshot shows that the trigger what you saved and configure you can enable and disable it using a button click.


How can I use Tellephant to send messages?

Tellephant sends trigger-based messages that any woocommerce owner can use and configure with woocommerce hooks to send WhatsApp messages.

How is Tellephant gets connect to my woocommerce account?

An API key will be available in the plugin section when you sign up for an account on the Tellephant platform. You will need to copy-paste the “token” on the page displayed on the woocommerce panel.

Tellephant provides triggers that any woocommerce owner can use and configure with woocommerce hooks to send WhatsApp messages.

What if the template I want to use does not appear in the approved list?

Only pre-approved templates can be used in campaigns. To submit a new template, click on “Register a template” and follow our guide here (insert link).

How can I find details of active campaigns?

Active campaigns will be visible on the right side of the panel where you can choose to enable or disable them as required.


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