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T&P Gallery Slider


This simple plugin shows a large size image in the page and below a scrollable row of thumbnails without scrollbar. You can scroll the thumbs while mouseover or mouseclick and choose an image for the big view.
you can also add each image a short description that displaying on the big image (the description is the images alt).
you can display slider from another post/page by passing his ID to the short code [tp_gallery post_id=”id”].
also there is a setting page with beautiful preview box.

  • New!!! from T&P plugins: T&P Navigation Menu – sticky navigation menu when scroll down the page.

Create Images

You need all images of your gallery in the same size and have to upload them in the same aspect ratio.
1. The size of the big image is the size of the first in the gallery. You should have all images in the gallery in the same width and heigth to avoid scaling.
2. When putting the mouse over the big image will change.


  • screenshot-1.png
  • screenshot-2.png


  1. Unpack the plugin, put it in your “plugins” folder (/wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the plugin from the Plugins section.
  3. go to T&P Setting page.
  4. put the short code in your theme.
  5. for specific slide post/page add short code [tp_gallery post_id=”id”].


The gallery does not work

Make sure that there is a wp_footer() func in your footer.php

What images appear in the gallery

Simple attach the images you wish to appear in the gallery to the page or post where you will place the shortcode [tp_gallery].
or slider from another post/page by passing his ID to the short code [tp_gallery post_id=”id”].

How do I change the design

You can use CSS to change the look and feel of the layout.

How do I change the image and thumbnail sizes

You can use CSS to change image and thumbnail sizes.

Which size have the images in the gallery

the full width of image size. If you make the images square or landscape depends on you. Portrait images are no good idea because the gallery will become too high and you can not see the big image (overflow: hidden;).


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Aldaketen loga

  • 1: First release December 2012
  • 2: Second release January 2013: Fixed: Gallery always display above the content.
  • 3: Third release May 2013: Add: Slide from specific post/page by new short code [tp_gallery post_id=”id”].