Askly is the easiest and most user-friendly customer support chat ever made. Your customers, support, and sales team will love it.

It’s the only chat, that opens to every visitor in their mother language and applies smooth and seamless translation to the conversations when needed.

Also, connect your Facebook and Instagram pages to reply to all customers from one simple app.

Askly chat contains the email form, call short links and FAQs, to keep customers longer on your product pages.

Easy to set up on any website. And we mean it! Just a few simple clicks and you can start providing great support.

What’s great in Askly:

  • Realtime translation to 140+ languages
  • Calls and direct emails from chat
  • Built-in FAQ section
  • Facebook Messenger and Instagram integration
  • Analytics dashboard to keep track of your online support
  • Tools for teams
  • Customise your chat design
  • Unlimited chat history

Getting started

  • Sign up and create your account at
  • Set up your chat
  • Download Askly app, log in and BOOM, you are ready to start chatting with your customers.

30-day free trial
Try free for 30 days and experience for yourself the magic of Askly
No need for any credit cards or commitments.
Our pricing is fully transparent, starts from 29€, and supports you as your business grows.

Three things we believe about online customer support

  • It should be multilingual: never lose a customer due to the language barrier
  • It should be hassle-free: easy, clear and intuitive UI
  • It should support growth: fast and scalable support is critical to your business

Because it takes weeks to get a customer. And seconds to lose.
Take good care of your customers.


Q. How to create an account?

A. It’s easy. Go to our registration page here and create your account in a few clicks. This will be your main account and you will be the owner. You can invite additional team members to collaborate with.

Q. How accurate is the instant translation in Askly Chat?

A. Our chat is integrated with leading neural machine translation technologies. We only use paid technologies. The translations are highly accurate and conversations with customers can easily be done with the multilingual support.

Q. My website is currently in 1 language. Why do I need a multilingual chat?

A. Your online shop does not have to be multilingual, but your customers probably are. We see that 10-30% of conversations take place with clients whose mother language is not as your website’s language. We have automated detection of the client’s native language and can easily provide real-time translation in both directions. It’s a much more comfortable and pleasant experience for the customer. Imagine you can get service from the French e-shop in German language :).

We see that on average, online shops serve customers in 5 languages through chat. In total, our solution detects and translates into 140 languages.

Q. How can I get notified of incoming new chats?

A.There are sound, visual and email notifications available to make sure that no chat or message goes unnoticed.

Q. Do you have any chat history limitations?

A. No, there are currently no restrictions on storing chat archives. As the number of customers and conversations grows rapidly, we may offer a separate package to preserve our long history.

Q. Is your chat using robots or chatbots?

A. Currently, our solution is not consciously configurable for automated responses and is targeted at customer support teams who want to serve customers in real time.

According to customer research, 80% of the people don’t like bots and robots. There are very few e-shops that have been able to work well. That’s why we focus on customer-centric service.

Q. Can I also automatically translate the FAQ tab?

A. Yes you can. Add all your FAQ questions and answers in your chosen language. Decide by each question, if you want to automatically translate it. You can modify each translated question and answer in any language.

Q. What happens then after the free trial?

A. Free trial is for 30 days. You can use all the features and serve your customers to evaluate if you like our chat solution and if it has made your customer experience better. If you decide to continue, please choose a suitable option from our packages here. Prices start from 19€ a month.

Q. I did not find a suitable package from your list. Do you offer personalised solutions?

A. Yes, of course. If you did not find a good match from our existing packages, please directly contact our support at and we will find a solution for you.


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