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TraveledMap Embedded Map


This plugin will help you creating a map on your blog or website in a few minutes.
Here are all the features of the maps:
– Display markers (pins) and customize them (color, icon, size)
– Make each marker clickable, to be able to redirect the user to a blog post or a page of your website
– The user can move the map, zoom it, and expanded it full screen for a better user experience.
– Group markers if they are too close to each other (this is automatic, but you can configure how they group)
– You can show your visited countries thanks to a specific coloration of them.
– Add pictures to the markers if you need: When the user’s mouse is over the marker, a panel will open at the bottom,
containing the pictures of your trip (or whatever is represented by the pin). The pictures are clickable to be viewed
as fullscreen, in a gallery.
– The map colors (oceans, lands, etc.) and displayed information can be customized
– You can choose a custom default zoom and center for the map, or it can be automatically centered on your markers
– Finally, you have access to a dedicated interface to create the map, for a better user experience, on

Once the map configured on the dedicated interface, you’ll just have to get its link and paste it in this plugin’s WordPress
block or shortcode.

Important note
The plugin is free to use, but embedding a map requires a subscription on
A subscription costs $2.99 / month, with 3 free months for websites with less than 1000 views / month.
You can learn more on the pricing page

You can see some examples at:
Virée Malin
Louco Por Viagens


  • Example on
  • Example on
  • On another website
  • How to use it


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  • TraveledMap Embedded Map


  1. Go to the plugin menu in WordPress and search for TraveledMap and install it
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. If you’re using the blocks, search for “Embedded Map” and follow those Instructions
  4. If you’re using shortcodes, include [embedded_map url=""] with your TraveledMap url inside. You can find it here


How to create my map?

To create you’re map, go to and follow the steps.

Why do I have to pay?

Embedding a map on frequently visited sites and blogs has a cost. TraveledMap tool is totally free, that’s why it seems
reasonable to charge for those fees.


2020(e)ko martxoaren 29(a)
I'm in love with the map I created and he has been extremely helpful and responsive with any questions I've had. The plugin was easy to use as well.
2020(e)ko martxoaren 23(a)
Great plugin, I could set it up in a few minutes and the map displays as expected. Great job, I recommand to use this if you plans to display a nice customizable map on your blog !
2020(e)ko martxoaren 18(a)
Très simple d'utilisation, et plutot complet !
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