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Tube Video Ads Lite


Embed youtube video in WordPress and insert Ads on YouTube Videos. Tube Video Ads is a plugin to embed any YouTube Video where
you can put services and products link, CPA offers, affiliate links, and more. This plugin allows you to insert a button and text on each YouTube
video to promote whatever you want. The button and the text can be linked to any web page and can be used as a tool of advertising and viral promotion.
Embedding youtube videos has never been so easy. Every time your visitors watch videos on your website they’ll see your ads.
Find out all the features at

The shortcode to use is: [video_link id=XXX]

Key Features

  • Monetize yours and others YouTube Video
  • Send visitors to your landing page
  • Link the videos to any site or page of your choice
  • Keep visitors engaged with your content


  • Tube Video Ads menu within the dashboard
  • All the videos created with short codes
  • Form to create a new video
  • Video showed up within a post or a page
  • Button Mouse Over effect


You can install this plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard:

  1. Go to the Plugins menu and click Add New.
  2. Search for Tube Video Ads.
  3. Click Install Now next to the Tube Video Ads plugin.
  4. Activate the plugin.

Alternatively, see the guide to Manually Installing Plugins.


How can I embed the video with ads?

It’s really simple. Once you have generated the video, a short code like this [video_link id=XXX] will be provided.
Copy and paste the code inside a post or a page to show up your video with ads. That’s it.

Can I use it with others youtube video?

Yes, of course. You can use it with any public youtube video

What differences between the lite and pro versions?

Lite Version:
With the lite version you can generate a button or a call to action in the top-lef side of the video.
Once the user click on the button, He or She will be redirect to the url you choose.

Pro Version:
With the Pro version you can choose the position of the button (top left, top center, top right, bottom left, botton center and botton right).
Moreover, you can ad a Title Hover and Text hover that will be showed up once the user moves the cursor over the video. With this feature you can
make the ad or the call to action more enticing.

Can I use both versions at the same time?

No, Yes can’t. Once you have purchased the pro version, deactivate the lite version before the installation.

Will the old videos be cancelled once I upgrade the version?

No. All the videos already generated will be kept.


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  • First release.