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Unlimited Background Slider


See it live Demo here:.

Unlimited Background Slider WordPress plug-in offers a lovely contact and dynamic experience to any website by using allowing you to effortlessly create complete-width background slides with numerous built in alternatives. you could create unlimited numbers of slider and assign them to precise posts and pages. in case you want, you may use flat shades in place of images.

Unlimited Background Slider using the latest CSS3 transitions along with jQuery to display a really unique fullscreen gallery slideshow in the background of your website. With 20+ animation types, Unlimited patterns and customizable timing, it can be a modern and clean tool to create great websites, including landing pages or even coming soon pages.

The appearance setting provides you the option to choose the animation styles such as fade, blur, slide, zoom, black and white and grayscale effects. In addition to this, these effects are also provided with the combinations such as fading and zooming, sliding and zooming, blur and zoom etc along with the directions so as to give you the full control for customization of background slides. Time adjustment is another important thing that needs to be set is time duration of animation. No matter which effect for the slide you choose, but you have to make sure that you have selected the appropriate timing for slide transitions.

The backend of plugin further offers you the option to set up the speed of slide transition in milliseconds giving your full control of background image sliding speed. Further, the Auto Play option gives the liberty to change the background automatically. However, if the option is disabled, the background slides can be moved manually by the user. But, enabled option is more feasible as it requires less user interaction for the provision of rich background slides.

Comparing it with other available plugins will reveal that Unlimited background slider has been integrated with the ample and comprehensive animation options that are seldom found in other plugins and this aspect makes this plugin unique.

Important Notes

See it live Demo here:.

If you are looking for more options then check out the pro version of the plugin.

For Quick support please check WP
Responsive menu Support forum.


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Install Unlimited Background Slider just like any other WordPress plugin.
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2017(e)ko ekainaren 8(a)
Not happy with the options you are providing. All needed features are pro only. 🙁
2017(e)ko maiatzaren 23(a) 1 reply
I love it. (I’m using the pro version by the way) It just does what it is supposed to do and it’s easy to implement. There’s just one ‘little’ thing I’d like to be added to it: a possibility to give different background-sets to either logged in and non-logged in users. And perhaps even some role/group-related backgrounds.
2017(e)ko apirilaren 27(a)
I love this plugin! Full width! works on windows 10 and safari just as well! It’s kinda basic, that is why i gave 4 stars. Not much options of colors but the FULL SCREEN is such a plus! The best part is the SUPPORT! They changed the color to what i wanted and fix something to fit other browsers. Well educated and savvy support! I have already bought another plugin from them. Bravoooooo !! Thank you very much!!!
2017(e)ko martxoaren 25(a)
Nice little plugin. highly Recommended Plugin !
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