Views for Ninja Forms – Display Ninja Forms Submissions on your site


Views for Ninja Forms lets you display Ninja Forms submissions in frontend of your site using drag & drop View builder.
You can create table view, list view or datatable view (Pro feature).
It allows you add content before & after the View.
You can set number of ninja forms submissions to display per page inside View .

Here is step by step guide to display entries from your Ninja Forms


Table View
List View
DataTable View

Top Features

  • Intuitive user interface!
  • Easy to use – drag and drop!
  • Option to select Form fields to display in View.
  • Option to set custom label for table headings.
  • Option to set number of entries to show on each page.
  • Add pagination before or after the table.
  • Show Pagination Information.
  • Add custom HTML within View.

Get more features in Pro version
* List View Format
* DataTable View Format
* Display only approved submissions
* Edit submissions
* Single Entry View – Display Ninja Forms Entry details on Single Page.
* Display user only their submissions.
* Add Search Form above or at View bottom to filter/search submissions by field values.
* Filter submissions by field values.
* Sort Ninja Forms submissions via field values.
Get Ninja Forms Views PRO!


  • View Drag & Drop Builder.
  • Settings for each column field.
  • Submissions shown in frontend.


To install Views for Ninja Forms, follow these steps:

  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Upload the entire views-for-ninja-forms/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress


How to Display Ninja Forms Submissions on your site frontend?

  • Download and unzip the plugin
  • Upload the entire views-for-ninja-forms/ directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Create New View from Views menu in admin sidebar.
  • Save the View & copy the shortcode.
  • Use the shortcode to show it on page.

From which Ninja Form Fields I can display data in my view?

You can display data for any valid Ninja Form Fields.

How do I display view on my site frontend?

You can insert the shortcode to any page on site to display view.

Is there any restriction on how many views I can create?

No, you can create as many views as you like & use it anywehere on your site using shortcode.


2021(e)ko uztailaren 30(a)
I've subscribed to the Professional plan as I got an unbelievably excellent deal from your recent promotion. This plugin works as advertised and would be a great replacement for our current all-in-one form and event registration system. The support was good too in that they could immediately understand and resolve my initial issues. I'm currently rating it 4 stars instead of 5 because I find the documentation a bit lacking in exact detail and examples, especially in the coding, since I need to customise it to meet my needs. But then again, my kungfu may not be up to the Ninja level yet. And I always appreciate support and ideas from community.
2021(e)ko otsailaren 20(a)
Muito obrigado, meu problema foi resolvido da melhor e mais rápida forma. Profissionais de alto gabarito. Parabéns e Sucesso!
2021(e)ko otsailaren 20(a)
By far the best customer service I have ever gotten from any plugin. They really go above and beyond to make it work the way you need it to. Would definitely recommend this plug-in to anyone who uses Ninja Forms!
2021(e)ko otsailaren 16(a)
It was a bit finicky at first, but I think that was more to do with my WordPress account than the Ninja Forms software itself. It works great, was easy to set up and customize, and I haven't had any issues so far!
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Aldaketen loga

2.5.9 (20th Dec 2021)
New: UI/UX updated for edit view page.

2.5.8 (29th Nov 2021)
Fix: Value for Ninja Forms time only field was displaying comma separated in view.

2.5.7 (12th Nov 2021)
Tweak: ListCheckbox, ListRadio Ninja Forms fields will display Labels instead of Value in View.

2.5.6 (7th Nov 2021)
New: Moved Settings icon to left side after label.
New: Custom Label input box will only display if Use Custom label checkbox is checked.

2.5.5 (1st Nov 2021)
New: Rows can now be reordered in view builder.

2.5.4 (29th Sep 2021)
New: Updated information about pro features.

2.5.3 (30th July 2021)
Fix: Icons in admin not displaying.

2.5.2 (2nd July 2021)
Fix: Sequence number not working correctly if there are multiple views on page.

2.5.1 (29th May 2021)
New: UI/UX improvements.

2.5 (10th May 2021)
New: Added support for Repeater fields.

2.4 (19th April 2021)
New: Added Entry ID field.

2.3 (13th March 2021)
New: Added Field types in Add new field modal.

2.2 (19th Feb 2021)
Fix: Optimized Database queries to speed up Views data loading.

2.1 (26th Jan 2021)
Fix: UI fixes

2.0 (7th Jan 2021)
Fix: When adding Rows you will be asked for row layout selection first.
Fix: Minor design fixes

1.12 (2nd Dec 2020)
New: Added translation support using po/mo files.

1.11 (9th Nov 2020)
Fixed: Star rating not showing in Views.

1.10 (26th Oct 2020)
Fixed: Table will be scrollable if too many columns
New: Added “nf_views_query_args” filter to filter query args to fetch Ninja Forms Submissions before displaying View.

1.9 (17th Oct 2020)
Fixed: Minor bugs fixes

1.8 (23rd Sep 2020)
Fixed: Minor design updates

1.7 (14th Sep 2020)
Fixed: Calculations not displaying in HTML field text

1.6 (3rd Sep 2020)
Fixed: Form Field values not showing in table view

1.5.2 (31th Aug 2020)
New: Added filter “nfviews-field-value” to filter ninja forms field value before displaying in view

1.5.1 (24th Aug 2020)
Fixed: List of fields not scrollable if ninja form has too many fields.

1.5 (24th July 2020)
Fixed: Pagination links are now working fine.
Fixed: Pagination design.

1.4 (24th June 2019)
Fixed: Minor tweaks & bug fixes.

1.3 (19th June 2019)
Fixed: Multiple Views can be added now.
Fixed: Pagination info bugs.
Fixed: Checkbox & Radio field values will now show up properly.

1.2 (10th June 2019)
Fixed: Error when used special chars in backend.

1.1 (31st May 2019)
Added: Metabox for shortcode on view edit page.
Fixed: Updated name to Ninja views in menu.

Initial launch