Markup For WooCommerce


🀩 The easiest way to markup your products in WooCommerce & see how much money the plugin has earned for you πŸ›’

Markup for WooCommerce plugin lets you create and apply your own markups on products and variations in WooCommerce. Easily add a price or percentage markup to specific product types, categories, attributes. Native bulk actions is available.

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  • Set your products price markup.
  • Create a fixed value price markup (example: $10)
  • Create a percentage value price markup (example: 10%)
  • For variable products markups can be saved for each variation separately or for all variations at once.
  • For attributes markups can be saved for each attributes all at once.
  • It works with all product types – simple, variable, grouped and other.
  • Fast and easy plugin install, prices setup using Markup tool.
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Native Design & Native Bulk Actions
  • And more…


Markup for WooCommerce features:

  • Included bulk edit markup tool allows you to bulk edit all products costs, prices and stock from a single page.
  • Add markup to a product category, and get automatically markup added by selecting category.
  • Support – Do you have questions or issue? Write and and we will solve it!
  • Sale Price Markup Setting – calculate markups on sale price
  • ANALYTICS – Easily see how much money the plugin has earned for you, providing a clear picture of your success.
  • And more…

πŸ“Œ Markup price by fixed amount (example: $10)
Add fixed and percentage value markups to your products
You can add fixed price markup to any product individually. This will calculate a price based on the total cost of that product, plus your desired fixed markup. This is a great time-saving feature for stores that have a lot of inventory.

πŸ“Œ Markup price by percentage (example: 10%)
Compatible with Your Favorite WordPress Themes & Plugins
Our plugin is compatible with your favorite WordPress themes and plugins. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy helping people be successful with their websites!

πŸ“Œ Markup price by product type
Create a markup in all types of WooCommerce products and categories
This plugin helps you to create the price markup in all the types of WooCommerce products and categories. It is a powerfull and easy to use plugin with many options for your needs by using this plugin you can create any kind of markup on products, categories and more things.


We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who has chosen to use our Markup for WooCommerce plugin.
Your support and feedback are what drive us to continually improve and innovate.

As a token of our appreciation, we’d love for you to explore some of our other plugins designed to enhance your
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Will it work with my theme?

We’ve tested our plugin with a variety of free and premium themes. As long as your theme is compatible with WooCommerce, it should work. If your theme doesn’t work with our plugin, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to help!

Is it compatible with other plugins?

We have tested Markup for WooCommerce with many third-party plugins and themes.


2023(e)ko urriaren 29(a)
This tool actually show how much markup I earn of each product! And also support is very helpful!
2023(e)ko apirilaren 8(a)
Perfect for woocommerce users that use a dropshipping plugin and have regular price updates. You can dynamicly increase prices..
2022(e)ko azaroaren 11(a)
I used Markup For WooCommerce, and I loved it. It's an essential tool for any WooCommerce user. Trust me! This will make your job more accessible than ever.
2022(e)ko azaroaren 6(a)
I contacted this plugin creators, and they build me on top features I needed with no extra price! I will use this plugin on my all projects if I will need it.
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  • Initial plugin build


  • Fixed issue when applying markup for variable products


  • Fixed problem of messed up tables in products list page


  • Fixed problem to be able to type in 0 in value field


  • Fixed problem to open settings


  • Fixed Issue by adding markup to variation products


  • Fixed problem that it was rounding amounts


  • Added abilities to make notices visible


  • Hygiene stuff


  • Upgraded to latest version of wordpress
  • Upgraded to latest version WooCommerce plugin


  • Notification about premium feature – analytics