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Whoosh Traffic


Whoosh Traffic’s Rank Tracker plugin allows you to see where you rank
on Google and Bing directly from inside your WordPress blog.

See where your pages are ranked on Google today and also see a graph
of your rankings dating back to when you installed our plugin. At a
glance, see which of your Google rankings changed over time. And we’ll
even send you an email every day with your current Google rankings for
all keywords you’ve imported into our system, and any page on your
site that is ranking for those keywords!

Whoosh Traffic’s rank tracker tool supports ALL Google country codes,
ALL languages (including multi-byte languages like Japanese and
Chinese), and even features zip code support for United States zip
codes, so you can track where your company ranks for “pizza” in both
NYC and San Francisco, if you wish.

Whoosh Traffic searches Google just like a regular person who doesn’t
know you would. We even show you the Google results page we found your
site on, so there’s no question of where you’re ranking!

Whoosh Traffic offers the most accurate rank tracker today. Try us out
and get rankings directly in WordPress. It’s never been easier to see
where you rank on Google, and see your rankings change on a daily

NOTE: Our plugin requires a paid Whoosh Traffic account in order to
see your rankings. Join hundreds of other customers, from bloggers to
Fortune 500 companies, who use and love Whoosh Traffic. Sign up at with coupon code ILOVEWP for 30 days free!


  1. Download
  2. Log in to your blog’s wp-admin
  3. Click on “Plugins”
  4. Directly beneath “Plugins” click on “Add New”
  5. Beneath “Install Plugins” header, click on “Upload”
  6. Select the file and click “Install Now”
  7. Then, activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress (it should be uploaded from the previous steps but won’t be activated)
  8. You will then need to go to Settings -> General and fill out the API Login and API Key fields under the Whoosh Traffic heading at the bottom of the page; the values for these fields can be found in your WhooshTraffic account:
  9. After saving the settings click on “Rank Tracker” in the left hand navigation bar and begin interacting with your Rank Tracker data!


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