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2021(e)ko abuztuaren 15(a)
Simple and so so useful. The only plugin that lets you add custom messages for each individual product.
2021(e)ko uztailaren 29(a)
Simple, efficient, compatible with bookings, this is an excellent plugin, "Bravo" to the dev ! Thanks a lot !
2021(e)ko apirilaren 30(a)
Plugin works great and is critical for the varied products on our store--we literally couldn't run our shop without this one. Major kudos to the dev for making it and supporting it--thank you SO much!
2021(e)ko apirilaren 1(a)
This plugin has saved me lots of time and money. HUGE thumbs up.
2021(e)ko martxoaren 29(a)
Hi, I am trying to activate your plugin for bookable products. I followed your description inside your plugin to enter the show_if_booking hook. After saving there is an error message on my screen, saying that this value was not found in the list. Can you help me with this?? I am using the official booking add-on. Thank you so much
2021(e)ko martxoaren 2(a)
It is a smart plugin that will not repeat the same message over and over. If 2 products are using the same custom email message, it only says it once. Brilliant! Easy to use. I wish there were a way to see which products have which custom email. I have hundreds of products, so I have to change one thing about them, such as the location of the custom email, I have to go to each product separately. But that is not enough to take away a star. Great job guys!
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