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WP Bootstrap Carousel by IT Pixelz


Add bootstrap professional carousel slider by this plugin just in clicks. This is a smart way to display bootstrap slider dynamically and have full control on sliders and caption. This works only with bootstrap html responsive structure and make sure bootstrap default js and css file is already linked correctly.


  • This is how slider will look like on the website front-end
  • Slider can be placed from sidebar and footer widgets
  • Go to the Settings link from left side bar in wp-admin and then go to the link “Carousel Settings” and then change the settings as per your requirement.
  • Go to left sidebar from wp-admin dashboard, Sliders link dropdown and click on add new slider, and enter title, content for caption and featured image for slider and publish it.
  • Go to widgets settings from wp-admin dashboard and display that slider to your front end.


  1. Download the plugin zip file and extract it from zip folder and uplaod wp-bootstrap-carousel-by-it-pixelz to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to settings of the plugin and edit options and save it.
  4. Go to add new slider from left sidebar of wordpress admin dashboard, and place the shotcode [show_bootstrap_carousel] in your pages, post or custom theme
  5. If you want to paste shortcode in header.php or any of your theme file, you may do by this way
  6. You may use shotcode by more advanced way, like you may show slider by different categories [show_bootstrap_carousel category=”category-slug-name”]
  7. There is an option to add carousel in your sidebar widgets too.
  8. Thats it!!! Enjoy 🙂


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