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Use the jqGrid plugin of jquery to manage MySql db tables.

Works with PHP 5.4.0 or higher: please report any issue you find, and any feature you want. I’ll try to fix the firsts and to implement the seconds!

Try it out on your free dummy site.
The link spins up a new TasteWP instance with the WPF-jqGrid plugin already installed.

This is a very first release with many limitations; jqGrid offers a lot of features but only few are actually supported by this plugin.

I planned to develop many other features, but this depends by the interest of the users, and eventually from the support. If you want to contribute with a translation or writing code ask me, if you want to make a donation here’s the link.

thanks to:

  • Tobias for German de_DE translation

  • Andrijana Nikolic by WebHostingGeeks Support ( for Serbo-Croatian sr_RS translation

If any bug found please ask me for support!

Info and samples at WPF-jqGrid developer’s site

WARNING: do to a plugin rename, the current plugin directory is wp-content\plugins\wp-fjqgrid while the plugin name and the shortcode has the ‘-‘ in a different position: wpf-jqgrid.



  1. Unzip and place the ‘wpf-jqgrid’ folder in your ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Click the ‘WPF-jqGrid’ link in the WordPress ‘settings’ menu
  4. Check the ‘Enable’ and enter one or more ‘allowed tables names’ (the precompiled fields are intended for a fast start: just click “save”)
  5. Save (step REQUIRED).
  6. Use a shortcode like [wpf-jqgrid table=’wpf_jqgrid_sample’ idtable=1 caption=’name to display’ editable=true] in any page or post to display a CRUD for the table!


Is it free?

Yes! The plugin is free. And jqGrid is free too, refers to:

The plugin is not working! What can I do?

Please send me the description of the error, and all the info you can about your configuration details.
To let me identify your issue, please answer the following Questions:
* What is your environment (WP, PHP and MySQL versions, machine type)?
* Can you activate the plugin?
* Can you access the configuration page of the plugin?
* Have you generated the sample table with an admin user logged in?
* Have you tested the shortcode in any page/post and what is the result?
* Have you enabled the log and have had a look at the log.txt file in the plugin directory?
Useful may be also the MySQL script to create your table and the malfunctioning page html code.
You can use WP plugin support page. I’ll be happy to help you!

What I should be aware of?

  • Remember to set ‘Enable’ in the configuration page.
  • Remember to list your table in the allowed ones in configuration page.
  • The ‘custom fields formatting’ is very tricky: use it only if you know what you are doing!
  • The ‘idtable’ must be unique for each grid displayed: you can even display the same db table multiple times, but with differnet idtables.
  • Some themes may require a css tuning to display properly all the elements.

Which are the know limitations or issues?

  • There is a column order issue with Theme Twenty Fourteen that I was unable to fix (if you can, please let me know!). Please use a different Theme.
  • Your table MUST have ONE and ONLY ONE field set as primary key, if not the first field will be use as PK.
  • The fields render and size are set to a default, possible but not easy to set them for each field
  • No decode/pull down lists available
  • No master/detail feature
  • Must insert numbers with DOT decimal separator and NO thousand separator
  • Datetime edit check is not supported in jqGrid
  • (all these will be fixed in future releases, but until now…)

Third parts js and css

  • jqGrid: jQuery Grid Plugin 4.4.3 – last version which support IE6 – from
  • themes: – from


  • set rights to modify tables on setup and check on frontend
  • set key field(s) on fronted or from DB
  • decode required fields with a scrolldown list
  • edit/delete/insert on line
  • 1 to n slave table
  • simplify formatting settings on frontend for each field of a selected table


2016(e)ko azaroaren 28(a)
Does a full CRUD and has a pleasing interface.
2016(e)ko irailaren 3(a)
This is an extremely versatile tool. Thank you
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“WPF-jqGrid” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Itzul zaitez WPF-jqGrid zure hizkuntzara.

Garapena interesatzen zaizu?

Araka kodea, begiratu SVN biltegia edo harpidetu garapen erregistrora RSS bidez.

Aldaketen loga


  • fix ie detection in jqGrid
  • tested for WP5.8.2 and PHP8.0


  • updated deactivate and uninstall
  • tested for WP5.2.4


  • tested for WP5.0


  • compatible with WP4.3 and PHP7.0


  • add sr_RS translation (thanks to Andrijana)


  • add German translation (thanks to Tobias)
  • minor fixes and doc updates


  • fix create table MySQL 5.6


  • fix ob_clean


  • WP 4.0


  • deprecated mysql_ calls removed, use mysqli
  • wp 3.9 compatible


  • sortby=field,asc|desc into shortcode
  • ATTENTION: renamed, need resave setup page and rename shortcode to [wpf-jqgrid]


  • admin-ajax.php path fix (tnx to michael walker)


  • js fix
  • reformat code


  • minor fix (quotes, empty vars,..)
  • better log for debug


  • any field (but only one) can be PK
  • add log with settable level
  • add role (converted to capability) required to edit a table
  • some formatting added


  • fast and simplified first run
  • fix key field name and usage
  • edit date format


  • create tables from backend
  • fast startup parameters on setup page


  • fix – better readme


  • edit/delete/insert on popup window


  • Initial release of plugin.
  • Please test and report any issue you find, and any feature you want. I’ll try to fix the firsts and to implement the seconds!