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WP Geeky Troubleshooter – Troubleshoot Your WordPress Site without FTP


Troubleshoot WordPress Site Like Never Before

Are you encountering WordPress errors on your site? Do you want to troubleshoot these WordPress errors on your own? Most of these errors can be solved by this plugin. It will help you to get back your site online without FTP.

Prevention is better than Cure


  • Remote Access – Login without password
  • Troubleshoot Theme and Plugins without Affecting Live Site
  • Edit wp-config.php constants
  • Read debug.log file
  • Security Mode if site is broken

How to use it?

1. Remote Access – Login without password
=> When any support member asked you for login details. You can provide them this URL. The support team can log in through that URL. No need of any email and password. Safe and Secure. All administrator access but they cannot change the user role of any user.

2. Troubleshoot Theme and Plugins without Affecting Live Site
=> Sometimes you need to deactivate a plugin on live site to find a conflict. support team member always asks this permission to activate/deactivate plugins. Here is a solution. This plugin will deactivate plugins and themes just for the current login user. Go To Settings->Geeky Troubleshooter->Troubleshoot Theme & Plugins

3. Edit wp-config.php constants
=> You can edit wp-config file constants. No need of FTP.

4. Debug File Reader
=> Read debug log file from your dashboard.

5. Security Mode if the site is broken
=> This is one of the amazing feature ever. What if your site broke due to a recently activated plugin. Go To Settings->Geeky Troubleshooter->Secuirty Code.. It is like a password. It will deactivate all the plugins just for you except WP Geeky Troubleshooter. You just need to enter the security code in URL then log in with your login details. It will open security mode. Select the required plugin. That’s it. Exit the security mode. Your site is back.


  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


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Version 1.0.0

  • Initial Release