Manage Backup & Monitor – WP Umbrella WordPress Monitoring & Automatic Backups


Managing multiple WordPress sites has never been so easy: automatic backup, uptime monitoring, safe update for plugins and themes, and much more.

WP Umbrella is the best alternative to ManageWP.


Single dashboard with 1-click access
Manage all your sites from our single dashboard and safely bulk update plugins and theme.


The most comprehensive monitoring for WordPress
Monitor uptime, downtime, performance, Google PageSpeed, PHP errors and WordPress error logs.


Automatic backups and manual backup
Use WP Umbrella to make daily and automatic backup (incremental backup) or manual backup.
Our backups are reliable and will make your life easier if you migrate or restore your website.

Premium / Freemium

Create an account to get your API key and enjoy 14 day trial with all features (backup, uptime monitoring, etc). Then you only have access to our health check and safe update technology.



Minimum Requirements for WP Umbrella

  • WordPress 4.9 or greater
  • PHP version 7.2 or greater


How do I create my first backup?

Go to WP Umbrella’s application, click on your website, then on the backup tab. And click on “Backup now”. It always take some times to make the first backup.

Where are backups stored?

We store backups on European servers to be compliant with GDPR regulation.

How do I restore a backup?

In WP Umbrella’s application, select the backup you want to restore and click on “Get your backup”.

How to run automatic backups?

In WP Umbrella’s application, click on the backup tab, then on settings. From here you can enable automatic backup (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) and define your automatic backups settings.

What do you monitor?

We monitor uptime, downtime, speed, performance, php errors and WordPress error logs. Curious about it? Read our guide about WordPress monitoring!

Where can I learn about multiple sites management best practices?

We suggest you to read our guide about multiple WordPress sites management!

Why is monitoring important?

Downtime happens more than you think. Monitoring your WordPress is the best way to keep your website in good shape.

How are you better than ManageWP?

WP Umbrella is easier to use and faster than managewp.

What is the difference between WP Umbrella and Query Monitor?

With Query Monitor, you can identify errors while growing a page. WP Umbrella monitors your website and will alert you automatically when WordPress errors arise.


2022(e)ko apirilaren 15(a)
I've been testing this with 5 sites that I host on GridPane. Pros: I really like the look of the UI. It's much cleaner than most other bulk site management tools that I've used. Plugin updates are fast. I like having an overview of site performance and PHP issues on the dashboard. I like the hourly incremental backup option. Support was quick to respond to my questions. Cons: You can only take 3 manual backups per month, which isn't enough in my opinion. I don't see theme updates on the dashboard. I have to manually go into the Updates tab, go to Themes, and check there. Sometimes it tells me that there is an update when there isn't. Sometimes there is an update available in WordPress but WP-Umbrella doesn't show it. I found out that if I click on the plugin name in WP-Umbrella, it syncs and recognizes the update.
2022(e)ko apirilaren 11(a)
Un service à l'écoute et rapide. Un outil plus qu'indispensable et qui permet une veille permanente.
2022(e)ko otsailaren 18(a)
I rarely leave reviews and I actually created an account here to write this one, but I really appreciate how well this plugin works and all the effort the developers put in it. It's amazing how many features have been added, totally worth the price.
2022(e)ko otsailaren 17(a)
It is a good plugin. It replaced for me 3 plugins ManageWP, Patchstack and Query Monitor. Now, I can monitor all my websites from a single dashboard and know exactly the PHP errors. Another thing is monitoring website load speed and notify you when your website down. A lovely plugin. I love also the ability to take regular backup of my website. Great for worst scenarios. Support was helpful. They helped me to fixed an issue with CloudFlare protection. Overall, it is recommended.
2022(e)ko otsailaren 15(a)
After several weeks with WPUmbrella, I know one thing, it's a must have! Backups, monitoring the availability of your sites, monitoring PHP errors and informations on them, update plugins and themes, security status and reports for your customer. For a ridiculous sum, it would be a shame to deprive of all the functionalities of this plugin, especially since it is constantly evolving and when you look at the roadmap of the next improvements, it bodes only good to see very good. Also, the support is very responsive! And the icing on the cake, for Europeans, it is GDPR-compliant. In short, go for it! You will not be disappointed !
2022(e)ko urtarrilaren 11(a)
If you manage any kind of wordpress/woocommerce sites, for you or your clients, this is an awesome plugin, which will make life to much easier. - update plugins/themes safely - backup's - monitor uptime (multiple world regions) - monitor php errors - generate client reports - get notified on slack/email Get it!
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Aldaketen loga

2.1.2 (06-24-2022)

  • Improved: SQL query of the improved database backup.
  • Improved: Adding the number of posts and attachments at the time of backup
  • Bugifx: disk_free_space miss paramater
  • Improved: get themes data
  • Improved: Reduction of the possible memory for the database backup to avoid an allowed memory size

2.1.1 (06-22-2022)

  • Bugfix: Blocking the backup process on non-recoverable files
  • Improved: Snapshot of disk space and php memory limits.

2.1.0 (06-13-2022)

  • Improved: Change in the backup process
  • Improved: Safe update
  • New: Add a scan for the backup to check its feasibility
  • New: Snapshot theme data

2.0.6 (04-06-2022)

  • Bugfix: Get plugins data

2.0.5 (04-05-2022)

  • Improved: one-click connection WP

2.0.4 (03-31-2022)

  • Improved: SSL communication API.

2.0.3 (03-28-2022)

  • Improved: Database backup for a multi-site installation on a single database.
  • Improved: Adding the cache on the White Label API request.

2.0.2 (03-24-2022)

  • Improved: update of the WordPress Core

2.0.1 (03-15-2022)

  • Bugfix: Duplicate class name

Our full changeling can be accessed Here!