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zTransitions Image Video Carousel Gallery


This is a free zTransitions image and video gallery compatibility plugin for WordPress.

First, visit to use the free web editor to generate unlimited free next generation image/video carousels or galleries and then use this free compatibility plugin for WordPress to embed your creation into your WordPress page.

All pro quality features are FREE forever

If you find zTransitions useful, feel free to donate towards the continued development efforts of zTransitions.

User friendly drag and drop live editor

Drag. Drop. Publish. Everything is WYSIWYG. The user friendly live editor is designed to be as easy to use and intuitive to learn with minimal effort.

Cinematic quality motion graphic transitions

Choose from 23 beautiful cinematic quality motion graphic transitions to apply to your images, videos or any combination of both.

Netflix streaming video technology

zTransitions fully supports MP4 and HLS streaming video technology. Start playback instantly without waiting for the full video file to download first.

Additional powerful features

  • Mobile browser ready
  • Fully responsive layouts
  • Automatically handles mismatched image sizes
  • Short video tutorials included inside web app

Environmentally friendly

zTransitions’ rendering algorithms have been expertly designed to run smoothly while being super energy efficient consuming minimal processor power which will results in burning less carbon based fossil fuels.

Need help?

Get free tech support help in zTransition’s free online chat support


  • Cinematic motion graphic transitions for video and images
  • Intuitive easy to learn user interface
  • Drag and drop images or video files or specify URL
  • Publish, then copy and paste the short code


  1. Upload the plugin file to the “/wp-content/plugins/ztransitions” directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. No need to activate anything.

  2. After that, visit to use the free web editor to publish a free zip file with the carousel gallery.

  3. Extract the zip file and open the zTransitionsSlider.html file and select WordPress from “platforms zTransitions is being embedded into’ to copy and paste the short code.

  4. Ensure you copy any image and video files if they were generated with a zip file and then place any images into “/wp-content/plugins/ztransitions/images/” and any videos into “/wp-content/plugins/ztransitions/videos/” of your zTransitions WordPress plugin directory.


Is there any sort of external special license file or key required to run my zTransitions slider?


Can I have multiple zTransitions galleries on the same webpage?


What happens if I try to make zTransitions’ sliders using different sized images and videos?

zTransitions will automatically take care of any non conforming image or video dimensions by scaling and centering everything to always fit into the master width and height settings. The auto computed master width and height settings can also be overridden in the Basic Settings panel under the Global Settings tab.

Are zTransitions’ sliders 100% CSS responsive no matter what screen resolution the user has?

Yes. This option can also be overridden in the Basic Settings panel under the Global Settings tab.

Will zTransitions’ sliders run on any desktop browser?

Yes. It has been extensively tested to run and render as fast as possible on even older desktop browsers.

Will zTransitions’ sliders run on mobile browsers?

Yes. It has been extensively tested to run and render as fast as possible on even older mobile browsers.

Can the zTransitions slider design app be used on mobile browsers?

No. The zTransitions app was not designed to be used on mobile browsers as it was felt that it would be as difficult to make a slider on a phone or tablet as it is to edit Photoshop on a phone or tablet.

However, this decision may change in the future depending on customer requests.

How do I implement a streaming video into my zTransitions slider?

Regular MP4 video format is not designed for sustained streaming and automatic quality bitrate switching though it is capable of fast start play back.

You will need to specify a HTTP URL pointed to a specially encoded .m3u8 format video in order to take advantage of streaming video features. In the near future, zTransitions will offer a streaming video encoding and conversion web service built into the zTransitions app that can convert your regular MP4 videos into streaming video format.


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