Cacheability improves your website loading time by making it a well-behaving HTTP citizen.

Plugin Features

Conditional HTTP GET

Cacheability adds conditional HTTP GET feature for WordPress posts. A repeat request to a post which wasn’t modified, will result in a 304 HTTP response. It quickly tells the browser: “nothing new here” without sending the whole post all over again. This saves the bandwidth and increases performance on both ends.

Fixes soft 404 errors

WordPress emits soft 404s on empty search results or a invalid tag page, e.g. either /?s=foo or /tag/bar will always result in a HTTP 200 status code, irrespective of whether any entries were displayed there. Soft 404s are bad for you! Cacheability eliminates them by setting the proper 404 status upon empty search results or tags.

This improves your SEO ranking.

Warming cache for updated content

Every time you edit a WordPress post, your cache is cleared in many places. The post page is cleared, the homepage is cleared, the category, feeds, etc., etc. You edited just a single post or page but your cache is cleared in many places!

This is cool because you don’t want stale content on your website. But it’s not cool to make your next visitors facing slow pages!

Cacheability automatically warms up the pages which were purged from cache:

  • It warms up purged caches as soon as you edit your content, via cron
  • It warms up both Gzip and Brotli versions of cleared pages

All this allows for more happy visitors that hit your cache, and not slow backend!.

This feature requires Proxy Cache Purge plugin.
Also, ensure WordPress cron is configured correctly.


Is it compatible with Full Page Cache plugins?

Yes, absolutely. Moreover, Cacheability adds the correct HTTP semantics making browsers and any external caches like Varnish to more efficiently cache your website’s content.


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  • Added cache warmup feature for updated content