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Display Custom Fields


This plugin allows you to display the value of a custom field on a page or post. Permitted values are raw text, html, javascript, javascript file url, css, css file.

Since version 1.1.x it also allows you to show a custom field of any page or post, provided you have the id.

One of the intended use of this plugin is to provide just in time code without editing the theme. Often code, especially css, gets lost with theme change. This techniques will ensure the values are loaded only on the given page and they will survive changes of themes and other plugins.

You can also use this to include javascript snippets or files. They will only be loaded on the given post or page. This in turn allows for loading of scripts only where needed.

You may use the plugin in two ways:
[dcf field=”name_of_custom_field”]
or optionally you can
– define the type of the field value. By default the type is “raw”.
– provide the id number of the page or post. By default, it would be the current page/post id.
[dcf field=”name_of_custom_field” type=”value_type” id=’post_or_page_id_number’]

The accepted value types are:

“raw” – this is the default and you do not need to specify this type. It outputs the value as it is. You can use html code in the values quite safely.

“js” – use this to specify that the value is actually javascript. Do not wrap it with the script tag. Remember that $ is not a valid jQuery replacement in WordPress. You should use “jQuery” instead.

“jsf” – You may need to include a javascript file. The value of the custom field should be a fully qualified javascript file url.

“css” – use this to specify css code in the value of the custom field.

“cssf” – You may need to include a css file. The value of the custom field should be a fully qualified css file url. Here I would like to note that:
– It is highly unusual to include css files in the body. However, it does work.
– There may be a side effect that some elements may not show properly until the css file is completely loaded.


The installation has no special requirements. Proceed as normal.
Upload the display-custom-fields folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
Alternatively use the upload plugin installable zip
Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress

There are no settings in the normal version.
The pro version installs a additional security configuration in the menu.


  1. What is the purpose of this plugin?
    The purpose is to display the values of the custom fields in a simple manner.
    Additionally, you can extend the feature of loading page/post specific css and javascript as code or file.

  2. What is special?
    It allows a unique way of loading css and javascript on the post/page.
    Normally this is loaded with the theme. This in turn means that the code is loaded irrespective of whether it is needed or not.
    Since version 1.1.x it also allows you to show a custom field of any page or post, provided you have the id.

  3. Can I use code snippets from other sites?
    Yes. Just remember that you cannot mix js or css with raw/html type of vlaues.

  4. Do you provide support?
    Yes. On best effort basis free of charge.


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'Get Custom Field Values' doesn't work (may be only in my particular situation -- with Gantry 4 etc...)! 9000 installs fool my expectations... But! This plugin works in expected manner for build-in WP 4.4. custom fields and with ACF custom fields too!
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Allows you to show a custom field of any page or post, provided you have the id.

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