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This plugin integrates EmbedQuiz, a quiz-maker software, with WordPress.

You can add quizzes to your website with
– Gutenberg Blocks
– Shortcodes
– Legacy Widgets

Create quizzes for your landing page or blog articles! Optionally ask users to subscribe to your email list before receiving their results!

Store an unlimited number of responses for free on Google Drive

EmbedQuiz is one of the few quiz-maker platforms, that lets you save as many responses as you want for free. It uses your Google Drive, to save quiz results in a Sheets document, so you can easily import data into Mailchimp, Zapier, or any Google Sheets-compatible platform!


  1. Download and activate the plugin
  2. Click the “Sign in with EmbedQuiz” button
  3. Sign in with Google on
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Create your first quiz by clicking the “Add quiz” button

A new block will appear inside the Gutenberg editor, called EmbedQuiz. When you add this block to your website, you can select a quiz from to be displayed. You can also add quizzes to any page by using Shortcodes or Legacy Widgets.


Grow your email list

Example: Fitness coaches can create quizzes, that categorize players according to their health and current fitness level. Players submit their email addresses to receive a personalized training plan by email.

You can use Outcome quizzes, to generate useful, personalized content for your audience and ask them to subscribe to your email list in return!

Generate leads

Example: Marketing specialists can use EmbedQuiz to create a free marketing audit widget for their blog articles and landing pages. The widget asks some questions from potential customers and sends them an email with suggestions on how to improve their sales.

Product quizzes and free audits are a great way to get email addresses from your target audience!

Gamify your website

Add interesting quizzes for your websites and let your audience compete with each other!


  • Easy-to-use quiz maker platform, that helps you generate quizzes as fast as possible
  • Unlimited number of responses for free, saved directly on your Google Drive
  • Embed quizzes on your website, blog or share them on social media
  • Integrates with the Gutenberg Editor, Shortcodes, and Legacy Widgets
  • Grow your email list and generate leads by asking players to submit their email addresses
  • Import quiz results into any Google Sheets-compatible service
  • Get important statistical data from your audience, while they play quizzes
  • Gamify your blog articles and let users compete with each other by embedding Point/percent quizzes
  • Choose from beautiful premade design themes (Soon, you can upload your own designs as well!)
  • Customize the texts of your quizzes and translate buttons
  • Add a GDPR checkbox and Privacy Policy link to quizzes and subscription forms
  • Upload images and videos for quizzes, answers, and outcomes


With our free plan, you can save an unlimited number of responses on your Google Drive and generate up to 10 leads/month for your business.

If you want to generate more leads and access advanced features, analytics, and Zapier integrations, you can subscribe to one of our paid plans.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by chat or email on the contact page of our website. Terms of service Privacy policy


  • Gamify your website and grow your mailing list with quizzes
  • This simple quiz maker helps you create amazing quizzes fast
  • Add HTML widgets to your blog posts and landing pages
  • Ask users to subscribe to your mailing list for a free personalized report
  • Send quiz results to your audience by email directly from embedQuiz
  • Access all your quizzes inside the WordPress admin area
  • Preview your quizzes with the Gutenberg Editor


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  • EmbedQuiz Add quizzes to your website from!


To get started, follow the instructions below:
1. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly, or upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
3. Open the new menu item called EmbedQuiz
4. Click the “Sign in with EmbedQuiz” button
5. Sign in with Google on
6. Authenticate the plugin by clicking, the “Ok, grant access!” button
7. Create your first quiz by clicking the “Add quiz” button


Why do I have to sign in with Google?

In the free version EmbedQuiz uses your Google Drive to store responses. This way we can make the software free since the quiz results are stored on your Google Drive and not on our servers. EmbedQuiz can only access files on your Google Drive, which were created by the app itself. It can’t access your other, private files.

If you don’t want EmbedQuiz to save results on your Google Drive, simply leave the permission unchecked during the sign-in with Google. You can always change your settings later!

Can I upload images and videos?

Yes, you can upload images and videos inside the quiz editor.

Is this quiz maker GDPR friendly?

You can add GDPR privacy policy links to the quizzes on Simply select this option inside the Settings panel, while editing your quiz.

I have another question, where can I contact you?

You can contact us on our website, by email or using the chat widget!


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