Event post


Adds some meta-data to posts to convert them into full calendar events.
Each event can be exported into ical(.ics), outlook(vcs), or Google Calendar.
Geolocation works thanks to openstreetmap.

It can also fetch the weather, but doesn’t bring the sun 🙂

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Examples on event-post.com

Post metas

Date attributes

  • Begin Date
  • End Date
  • Kolorea
  • Event Status
  • Event Attendance Mode

Location attributes

  • Helbidea
  • GPS coordinates
  • Event Virtual Location

WooCommerce compliant

You can enable event features on Woocommerce products. The event will be displayed on the product page. Moreover, the product price will be displayed in event list, calendar, map and timeline.

This, way, you can sell tickets for your events, effortlessly and without any additional plugin.

Weather attribute (for a given location and date if possible)

  • Weather
    • Temperature
    • Weather


Plugins/themes developpers documentation

Blocks & Shortcodes

The plugin comes with several blocks/shortcodes which allows to:

  • [events_list]: display a list of events
  • [events_map]: display a map of events
  • [events_cal]: display a calendar of events
  • [event_details]: display a detail of the current event
  • [event_term]: display the date range of a given term based on all events it contains


Query parameters

  • nb=5 (number of post, -1 is all, default: 5)
  • future=1 (boolean, retrieve, or not, events in the future, default = 1)
  • past=0 (boolean, retrieve, or not, events in the past, default = 0)
  • cat=” (string, select posts only from the selected category, default=null, for all categories)
  • tag=” (string, select posts only from the selected tag, default=null, for all tags)
  • tax_name=” (string, custom taxonomy name)
  • tax_term=” (string, the term for above taxonomy)
  • geo=0 (boolean, retreives or not, only events which have geolocation informations, default=0)
  • order=”ASC” (string (can be “ASC” or “DESC”)
  • orderby=”meta_value” (string (if set to “meta_value” events are sorted by event date, possible values are native posts fields : “post_title”,”post_date” etc…)

Display parameters

  • thumbnail=” (Bool, default:false, used to display posts thumbnails)
  • thumbnail_size=” (String, default:”thmbnail”, can be set to any existing size : “medium”,”large”,”full” etc…)
  • excerpt=” (Bool, default:false, used to display posts excerpts)
  • style=” (String, add some inline CSS to the list wrapper)
  • type=”div” (string, possible values are : div, ul, ol default=div)
  • title=” (string, hidden if no events is found)
  • before_title='<h3>’ (string (default <h3>)
  • after_title='</h3>’ (string (default </h3>)
  • container_schema=” (string html schema to display list)
  • item_schema=” (string html schema to display item)


<!-- wp:eventpost/list {"nb":10,"future":true,"past":true,"thumbnail":false,"excerpt":false,"pages":true} /-->

[events_list future=1 past=1 cat="actuality" nb=10]

container_schema default value:

<%type% class=”event_loop %id% %class%” id=”%listid%” style=”%style%” %attributes%>

item_schema default value:

<%child% class=”event_item %class%” data-color=”%color%”>
<a href=”%event_link%”>


  • nb=5 (number of post, -1 is all, default: 5)
  • future=1 (boolean, retreive, or not, events in the future, default = 1)
  • past=0 (boolean, retreive, or not, events in the past, default = 0)
  • cat=” (string, select posts only from the selected category, default=null, for all categories)
  • tag=” (string, select posts only from the selected tag, default=null, for all tags)
  • tax_name=” (string, custom taxonomy name)
  • tax_term=” (string, the term for above taxonomy)
  • tile=” (string (default@osm.org, OpenCycleMap, mapquest, osmfr, 2u, satelite, toner), sets the map background, default=default@osm.org)
  • title=” (string (default)
  • zoom=” (number or empty (default, means fit to points)
  • before_title='<h3>’; (string (default <h3>)
  • after_title='</h3>’ *(string (default </h3>)**
  • thumbnail=” * (Bool, default:false, used to display posts thumbnails)*
  • excerpt=” (Bool, default:false, used to display posts excerpts)
  • list=” (String (“false”, “above”, “below”, “right”, “left”) default: “false”, Display a list of posts)


<!-- wp:eventpost/map {"nb":-1,"future":true,"past":true,"tile":"toner","list":"below","map_position":false,"disable_mousewheelzoom":true} /-->

[events_map future=1 past=1 cat="actuality" nb="-1"]


  • cat=” (string, select posts only from the selected category, default=null, for all categories)
  • date=” (string, date for a month. Absolutly : 2013-9 or relatively : -1 month, default is empty, current month
  • datepicker=1 (boolean, displays or not a date picker)
  • mondayfirst=0 (boolean, weeks start on monday, default is 0 (sunday)
  • display_title=0 (boolean, displays or not events title under the day number)
  • tax_name=” (string, custom taxonomy name)
  • tax_term=” (string, the term for above taxonomy)


<!-- wp:eventpost/calendar {"date":"-2 months","color":true,"display_title":true,"mondayfirst":"1","choose":false} /-->

[events_cal cat="actuality" date="-2 months" mondayfirst=1 display_title=1]


  • attribute string (date, start, end, address, location). The default value is NULL and displays the full event bar

    [event_details attribute=”address”]



  • eventpost_add_custom_box_position
  • event_post_class_calendar_link
  • eventpost_columns_head
  • eventpost_contentbar
  • eventpost_default_list_shema
  • eventpost_get
  • eventpost_get_items
  • eventpost_get_post_types
  • eventpost_get_single
  • eventpost_getsettings
  • eventpost_item_scheme_entities
  • eventpost_item_scheme_values
  • eventpost_list_shema
  • eventpost_listevents
  • eventpost_maps
  • eventpost_multisite_get
  • eventpost_multisite_blogids
  • eventpost_params
  • eventpost_printdate
  • eventpost_printlocation
  • eventpost_bulk_edit_fields
  • eventpost_quick_edit_fields
  • eventpost_retreive
  • event-post-rich-result
  • eventpost_shortcode_slug


  • evenpost_init
  • eventpost_add_custom_box
  • eventpost_custom_box_date
  • eventpost_custom_box_loc
  • after_eventpost_generator
  • eventpost_getsettings
  • eventpost_settings_form
  • eventpost_after_settings_form


  • Map in single page
  • Editor interface for the List Block
  • Editor interface for event data
  • Editor interface for location data


Plugin honek 7 blokeak eskaintzen ditu.

  • Events Map Map of events
  • Events List List of events
  • Event-post front
  • Events Timeline
  • Events Details Details of an event
  • Event-post admin
  • Events Calendar Calendar of events


  1. Upload event-post to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress admin
  3. You can edit defaults settings in Settings > Event post


Is the plugin free ?

Yes, and it uses only open-sources : openstreetmap, openlayer, jquery

How do I enable weather feature ?

Weather feature uses openweathermap.org api.

You have to create an account and generate an API key at http://openweathermap.org/price

I have no interest in openweathermap.org, I personally use the free plan.

Is there any limitation for the weather feature ?

Openweathermap.org provides a free plan limited to 60 requests per minute.

You can also subscribe to paid plan, I don’t care.


2024(e)ko martxoaren 13(a)
Event Post - TOP!! Excellent plugin that fits into Wordpress. Many thanks to the developers - it is used with enthusiasm on websites.
2023(e)ko ekainaren 12(a)
I was looking for a simple solution to post and archive events that were previously only on Facebook. Thanks to this plugin, it was easy to do. Thanks for your work so far
2022(e)ko martxoaren 24(a) 2 replies
Thanks for a simple, light, easy plugin. I didn't want a full event calendar for this project, and this is ideal. I would suggest simpler documentation for non-devs (like a dedicated admin page with settings, docs etc), and ability to control layout/css in shortcode a bit more, how to add weather, but overall an awesome and light plugin for folks who know some coding. Thanks.
2021(e)ko uztailaren 7(a)
A very practical plugin if you want to easily create events from your blog. Effective.
2021(e)ko urtarrilaren 22(a) 4 replies
I've found this addon as the only one so far (at least I think so) that embeds the event functionality to default WP posts, instead of creating it's own taxonomies. That allows events to be handled by plenty of other WP addons that don't recognize custom taxonomies (such as sliders, post grids etc.). Right now I have only one problem - days initials in calendar table aren't translatable, but I hope I will find a workaround. I also suggested a lot of string translations to Croatian here in translate.wordpress and I hope to to do a lot more. I hope you'll continue development of this addon. 🙂
Irakurri 34 berrikuspenak

Laguntzaileak eta Garatzaileak

“Event post” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Event post 9 eskualde-ezarpenetara itzuli da. Eskerrik asko itzultzaileei beraien ekarpenengatik.

Itzul zaitez Event post zure hizkuntzara.

Garapena interesatzen zaizu?

Araka kodea, begiratu SVN biltegia edo harpidetu garapen erregistrora RSS bidez.

Aldaketen loga


  • Fix quick edit fields


  • Fix call of Wp_Query in EventPost\Children
  • Fix display of hours in timepicker for AM/PM format
  • Fix saving of timeline schemas settings
  • Use wp_json_encode instead of json_encode
  • Use rawurlencode instead of urlencode
  • Adds instructions for translators


  • Fix doing_it_wrong calls in legacy widgets
  • Escape HTML & outputs



  • Fixes XSS vuln in event metadata (https://patchstack.com/database/report-preview/8edeb59a-59e6-42aa-8ed4-5f79cdedf820)


  • Adds “Completed” event status


  • Refactor source of blocks with wordpress-scripts
  • Improves WordPress’s PHPCS compliance
  • Fix deprecated gmt_offset
  • Mark legacy widgets as deprecated
  • Fix warnings in PHP8+


  • Fix December month on native datepicker


  • Dissociate event description from post excerpt
  • Remove double line breaks and &nbsp in description