Developing PWA & AMP presents a lot of challenges for publishers and developers around the globe. To conquer those challenges, we brought you Sortd. The mission of Sortd. is PWA & AMP for everyone.

With Sortd. We give publishers the power of building PWA & AMP with an innovative 1-click set-up leading to rich content delivery and better engagement via customisable mobile web solutions.

The intelligently designed plugin can assist you in creating your own mobile websites that are fast, reliable, SEO-friendly, and powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The best part is that you will have full control over all the aspects of your PWA & AMP.

Leverage the benefits of our expertise that we bring to you via Sortd. Get a competitive edge through our innovative AMP features such as amp live, amp stories & AMP as PWA.

Note: You can continue to use your current WordPress theme for your desktop without any hindrance.


Easy integration: Sortd. Offers easy integration with WordPress. Sync up your categories & posts in just one click!

Full control via dashboard: You own the content; you own the site. Hence we put you in the pilot’s seat. Import our beautifully crafted themes, manage content, ads & all nitty-gritty of your mobile delivery independently.

Complete transparency: A complete Sa-aS based solution with no hidden cost. With Sortd. transparency remains at the forefront.

High security and privacy: Sortd is built on the philosophy of security and privacy. Content delivery on Sortd. is fully secured via the new HTTP/2 protocol. Each API is robust & secured to keep your content safe.

Sortd. Features:

  • Fully Secured.
  • 990+ Google Fonts.
  • Tested & fully compatible with a wide range of wordpress themes.
  • Super clean design.
  • One click advanced set-up.
  • 4 premium Header & footer templates.
  • 10 + premium content blocks.
  • Optimized for top Core Web Vitals score.
  • Built in advertisement management.
  • Exclusive web stories integration.
  • Unlimited Colors & Unlimited Design Possibilities.
  • Responsive images are adaptable to screen sizes.
  • SEO ready with advanced AI & ML features for entity extraction.
  • Push-notifications.
  • New Features and themes in future updates.

Installation :

  1. Download the plugin from plugins directory
  2. Activate the plugin.
  3. Create an account to generate and validate your website.
  4. Go through the configuration wizard and set up the plugin for your site;

Visit – for more information.


  • Welcome screen – Start one-click set-up
  • Verify your credentials to link your website to Sortd
  • Automatically sync categories & articles to build PWA
  • Advanced settings to change design, ads & all other aspects of your PWA


Will this plug-in change the theme of my desktop site as well?

No, Sortd only creates the mobile version of the website. Sortd. Creates PWA & AMP of your website without affecting the desktop site design.

Can I change the theme of the mobile site as per my choice?

Yes, you can go to the “Design Config” section of the plug-in to change the design settings as per your requirements.


2023(e)ko otsailaren 8(a)
It’s a helpful plugin that works well with mobile solutions. I recommend it to those who are struggling with the mobile website issue. The team is also active, they work on the latest google guidelines which makes work more easier.
2022(e)ko azaroaren 9(a)
This plugins is worst for WordPress website Because, After 3 Months Service Pad Version Of SORTD Plugin My Website Is Lost Instead Of Growth? Because no representative of SORTD answers any questions at all? After 3 months of service with the pad version of SORTD Plugin, the RPM of Adsense went into the abyss, from 1.2 average to 0.3?
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  • Fixed :Featured Image fixes.


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  • Enhancement : Code and Performance Optimizations.
  • Enhancement : Chatbot integration on Dashboard, Domain and Redirection Screen.


  • Enhancement : Plan Screen Improvements.
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  • Enhancement : Enhancements in post images syncing.


  • Enhancement : Improvements in automated / scheduled publishing sync.
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  • Enhancement : Support of adding external categories / links.
  • Enhancement : Amazon S3 media support.
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  • Enhancement : Major Performance Improvements.
  • Enhancement : Navigational refinements.
  • Enhancement : General Security and design Improvements.
  • Enhancement : Minor bug fixes and various optimisations.


  • Enhancement : Author Page PWA/AMP redirection.
  • Enhancement : Project Handling Improvements.


  • Enhancement : Notifications customization.
  • Fixed : Support added for more WP PHP versions.


  • Enhancement : QR code for ease in Mobile Site Publishing.
  • Enhancement : Support of AWS Hosted Media.
  • Enhancement : Improvements in Plan details & Upgrade Screen.


  • Enhancement : QR Code feature for accessing demo host.
  • Enhancement : Verify Licence Screen Improvements.
  • Enhancement : Manage Domain Section Improvements.


  • Fixed : Categories with special characters allowed.
  • Enhancement : Plan creation pop up Improvements.
  • Enhancement : Plan detail page Improvements.
  • Enhancement : Messaging Improvements.
  • Enhancement : Config form UI Improvements.


  • Enhancement : QR Code feature for accessing mobile domains.
  • Enhancement : Bulk sync Improvements.
  • Enhancement : Post Unsyncing for scheduled / draft posts.
  • Enhancement : Block editor syncing Improvements.
  • Enhancement : Plugin JS/CSS on plugin related pages only in Admin.
  • Fixed : Post Syncing for scheduled posts.


  • Enhancement : Footer and Widgets section fixes.
  • Enhancement : Dashboard Screen Improvements.


  • Enhancement : Automations while category selection.
  • Enhancement : Multiple Screens UI Improvements.


  • Enhancement : Content syncing experience made better.
  • Enhancement : Navigation improvements in labeling & listing categories.
  • Enhancement : More custom variables to play with settings.
  • Enhancement : UI Improvements.
  • Fixed : Multi-screen redirection fixes.


  • Enhancement : Redirection to mobile urls.
  • Fixed : Categories drag and drop .


  • Enhancement : Add more sections in footer.
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  • Fixed : Add special widget issues.


  • Enhancement : Faster realtime post syncing.
  • Enhancement : Section based indexing improvements.
  • Improvement : Bulk Syncing of posts.


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  • Fixed : Remove button issue in Enable / Disable Widgets.


  • Bug Fixes.


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  • Bug Fixes.


  • Readme.txt changes.


  • Bug Fixes.
  • Performance Improvements.


  • Added:Default Logo on one click and automated update config.
  • Added:Improved UI and functionality.


  • Added:Notifications in dashboard.
  • Group Based FAQ/Help section


  • Added:Options to manage PWA and AMP redirection.
  • Bug Fixes.
  • Performance Improvements.


  • Bug Fixes.
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  • Added: Improved Design and navigation.
  • Added: Help text and FAQ section.
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  • Feature to redirect home page and post page to PWA/AMP on mobile devices.


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  • Added: Plan upgrade feature.
  • Added: User can choose from various themes.
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