Plugin hau ez da probatu WordPressen azken 3 bertsio garrantzitsuenekin. Baliteke, jada, mantentze edo euskarririk ez izatea, eta, WordPressen bertsio berriagoekin erabiltzen denean, bateragarritasun arazoak izan ditzake.

Task Runner


I have created a task runner for WordPress that can be used to automate tasks to one click. This is a
powerful plugin that allows the full control of WordPress from an easy intuitive scripting language.
All available inside your WordPress admin area.

Currently this plugin is in an unofficial beta mode, but it is rather stable and does
an impressive job.

What will this plugin do for you?

  • Create command scripts with a very easy english sentence structure.
  • Built-in easy to view console and progress bar so you can track running tasks.
  • Save, export, import, create and delete your scripts.
  • Task builder for easy inserting of new commands.
  • Syntax Highlighting so you know your commands are right.
  • Web Disrupt core installation provided as a script, more to come…

What Commands are available

  • Install, activate, and delete a local or remote WordPress theme.
  • Install, activate, deactivate, and delete WordPress plugins.
  • Add or update options in WordPress settings and post meta data.
  • If, and, or, else, and elseif have been added for the formation of conditional statements.
  • isSSL which checks if the current url is https or http.
  • Variables to save data and curly brace binding to reuse the {{variables}}.
  • Create and update WordPress posts.
  • Console commands to print out important information to the user.

In the works

  • Upgrading WordPress, its themes, and plugins
  • More Thirdparty Plugin Integrations
  • WooCommerce Add product and configure settings
  • Some One-click site buildouts.
  • One-click sales Funnel build outs via Elementor Unlimited library
  • Checking, alerting, and fixing security vulnerabilities
  • Automation triggers to run scripts.


I have created this plugin to help me facilitate the standardization of WordPress
tweaking, building, best practices, and settings. To make it easy for agencies/business owners to
create, update, and maintain their own WordPress websites hassle free.

This plugin needs you

As I add more features, there are way to help contribute to this product. I have created a public
git repo and will be managing changes from this centeralized location. Please feel free to help me
build out more integrations with thirdparty plugins, themes, and other cool features.
Github Repo

More Information:

Get more information and view the documentation at: Documentation
Get Involved with the Github Repo
Become a Disruptor


  1. Upload “” to the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.


Ez dago berrikuspenik plugin honentzat.

Laguntzaileak eta Garatzaileak

“Task Runner” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Itzul zaitez Task Runner zure hizkuntzara.

Garapena interesatzen zaizu?

Araka ezazu kodea; begira ezazu SVN biltegia, edo harpidetu garapen erregistrora RSS-(r)en bidez.

Aldaketen loga


  • Fixed a problem with local themes not being referenced correctly


  • Increased filtering against bad data for getting library items


  • Fixed sanitation issues that were cause plugin manipulation issues.
  • Updated test script
  • Added downward scrolling to console to track long scripts as they execute


  • Initial release.