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Translate WordPress and go Multilingual – Weglot

Translate WordPress and go Multilingual – Weglot


The easy way to translate your website. Designed to be used by anyone.

Weglot Translate is an all-in-one WordPress translation plugin, trusted by 70,000+ users worldwide. Translate your WordPress website into 110+ languages and go multilingual within minutes, no coding required.

Increase visibility and boost conversions with ease by adding automatic translations to your website, with full editing control. Weglot Translate is fully optimized for multilingual SEO, with every translated page automatically indexed by Google. Say hello in multiple languages to millions of new visitors with high-quality translations, boosted by AI.

Explore how Weglot makes website translation easy with a free trial. Keep using it for free once the trial ends, or upgrade to a plan that best fits your needs. Visit https://weglot.com/ to learn more!

Weglot Translate nola funtzionatzen duen

Zergatik Weglot Translate

It’s easy to install: Weglot Translate is quick to set up to have a multilingual WordPress website ready, instantly. Just add the languages you want through your WordPress admin, and a language switcher will be added to your website right away. Reach millions of new visitors worldwide with a few clicks, without any coding. Website translation has never been simpler.

It’s built for maximum compatibility: Weglot Translate is fully compatible with all platforms, WooCommerce, WordPress themes, and plugins, like Yoast SEO. From WooCommerce product descriptions to Elementor order forms, it translates everything into the languages of your choice from one interface. This way, you can focus on your content, not the technical details of translation.

It’s optimized for SEO: Weglot Translate follows Google’s best practices for multilingual website translation (including translated metadata, language-specific URLs, and hreflang tags), serving all translated web pages with clean source code. Google will automatically index every translated page with dedicated URLs for each language.

It’s easy to set and forget: Weglot Translate automatically detects all your website content for easy translation. No more time-consuming manual duplication of every single line of content to get a multilingual website. All translations are updated in real-time—no maintenance to worry about. Plus, any newly added content, regardless of language, is automatically translated.

It takes translation quality seriously: Weglot Translate gives you an edge on your translation tasks with the first layer of automatic multilingual translation provided by the best machine learning providers on the market (DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft). You can also edit the translations, order professional translations, or collaborate with your team to work on bilingual or multilingual translations together directly within Weglot.

It partners with the pros: Weglot Translate lets you order from vetted professional translators directly inside your Weglot dashboard. Set your preferred translation quality with Weglot Translate.

“The biggest win for us is the time we’ve saved. It takes us about ten minutes twice a week to double-check everything is running how we want it. Everything else is done by Weglot.”
Adèle Aubry – Ecommerce Manager, The Bradery
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Funtzionalitate eleanitza beste inork ez bezala

Increase visibility: All translated pages are automatically indexed following Google’s best practices with dedicated URLs for each language. Get new traffic with your multilingual website through top-notch translations.

Reduce bounce rate: Redirect visitors automatically to serve them translations in the language of their choice, based on their browser settings.

Enhance user experience: From the landing page to the email confirmation, get all your key conversion steps translated into your customers’ language.

Localize media assets: You can even add different images and videos for various languages. Useful for images with text, Weglot Translate makes it easy to display “translated” images in your website translations. Media localization is an essential aspect of any multilingual project and Weglot Translate makes it simple to do so.

Boost content with AI: Get translation suggestions generated by AI to refine and perfect your messages like a local.

“Benetan gustatu zitzaizkigun Weglotek eskaintzen dituen lokalizazio ezaugarriek, hala nola bisitariak gunean ikusten ari den hizkuntzaren araberako irudiak eta bestelako media-euskarriak itzultzeko aukera”.
Kim Martin – Komunikazio eta Marketin Arduradun Nagusia, The Challenge Initiative
Irakur ezazu kasu praktikoa

Bat-bateko hizkuntza-itzulpen plataforma

  • Manage and edit all of your translations through a user-friendly interface. Plus, the options to mark translations as pending so a team member can approve or deny them
  • Collaborate with team members and trusted translators to manage translations, directly inside Weglot.
  • Is it a title? Is it a link? No more guessing the context of the text. Weglot Translate’s visual in-context editor lets you translate directly on a live preview of your website.
  • Make it your own. The multilingual language switcher is fully customizable with multiple design choices. Choose what flags you want to represent a language in, or none at all.
  • Build your own glossary and avoid the repetitive task of editing the same terms. Define translation rules to be automatically applied throughout your content.
  • Weglot Translatek Polylang edo WPML bezalako WordPress-en beste plugin eleanitzetatik migratzea errazten du. Desaktiba ezazu zure itzulpen plugina, eta instala ezazu Weglot Translate.

“Weglotek denda anitz kudeatu behar izateak buruko mina kendu zien hainbat lokalei. Integrazioa erraza izan zen, eta laguntza izugarri lagungarria da. Weglot gomendatzen diot beren dendak itzultzeko irtenbide sinple eta kostu eraginkorra bilatzen duen edonori!”
Mike Robertson – Salmenta-operazioen Zuzendaria, Nikon

With an increase in site visitors and session duration thanks to your multilingual website, you can expect a massive boost to your conversions. See why thousands of e-commerce platforms, SaaS firms, marketplaces, corporate websites, and blogs worldwide love Weglot Translate for its multilingual powers. Try it today for free

Why should you have a multilingual website?

It’s easy to forget all about other languages when setting up your online business! With the resources needed to put together a new website, multilingual capabilities are very commonly ignored, as the process of getting multiple translations can get complicated and expensive. But ignoring the importance of being multilingual can be a costly mistake: unlocking the possibility for visitors to read and interact in their own language means you’ll be significantly widening your reach, increasing your chances of business success!

This is why it’s important to think of ways to offer translations in more languages: multilingual websites naturally rank in more countries and attract more potential customers. Your visitors will also feel like you are significantly more localized by speaking to them in a language they easily understand!

But how about the cost and headache to set up a proper multilingual website offering high quality translations? This is where Weglot can make it easy: with a simple way to unlock multilingual capabilities swiftly, your website can go from targeted towards a single language to multilingual in an easy, affordable manner!

Please note that Weglot is using Cloudfront CDN to display flags images to speed up performance around the world.
The use of this CDN and of Weglot service is subject to Weglot terms of service

“Using Weglot for translations, it is easy to find content with the required phrase, changes are visible online in real time. Weglot is my translation library – finally, no additional files are needed. I appreciate the workflow and the intuitive navigation.”
Joanna Kruszewska, Marketing Assistant – Social Media and Translations, Olympus Cameras

High language support

Add any of these languages to your website:

Afrikaans, Akan, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Assamese, Azerbaijani, Bambara, Bashkir, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Cebuano, Chichewa, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Corsican, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, Fijian, Filipino, French, French Canadian, Western Frisian, Scottish Gaelic, Galician, Georgian, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Hawaiian, Icelandic, Igbo, Indonesian, Inuktitut, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kannada, Kazakh, Central Khmer, Kinyarwanda, Korean, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Latin, Luganda, Luxembourgish, Lao, Lithuanian, Latvian, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malayalam, Maltese, Māori, Mongolian, Marathi, Nepali, Norwegian, Oromo, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Serbian (Latin), Samoan, Serbian (Cyrillic), Sindhi, Sinhalese, Slovak, Slovenian, Shona, Somali, Southern Sotho, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Tajik, Tagalog, Tahitian, Tatar, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Tigrinya, Tongan, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa, Yiddish, Yoruba, Zulu

Don’t see your language on the list or want to add a language variation? Create a custom language based on templates (British English, Canadian French, etc.) or start from scratch.


  • Become visible on search engines with multilingual SEO
  • Edit translations easily with the visual editor
  • Integrate Weglot with your WordPress website and get started instantly
  • Create your translation team and collaborate with members
  • Customize your language switcher for your website and brand
  • Get full editing control with machine, human and pro translation options
  • Join +60k brand going multilingual with Weglot
  • Create translation rules and avoid repetitive editing tasks


Plugin honek 2 blokeak eskaintzen ditu.

  • Weglot Widget Weglot switcher widget
  • Weglot Widget menu Weglot switcher menu


Wegloten gutxieneko eskakizunak

  • WordPress 4.5 edo handiagoa
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • Berridazketa-arauak aktibatuta

Weglot Translate instructions

Weglot Translate konfiguratzea erraza da:

  1. Kontu bat konfiguratzeko, zoaz https://dashboard.weglot.com/register-wordpress webgunera.
  2. Kopia ezazu API gakoa Weglot arbeletik. Halako zerbait izango da: “wg_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”.
  3. Aurkitu ezazu Weglot Translate ezarpenen orrialdea zure WordPress administratzailearen arbelaren behe-ezkerraldean.
  4. Itsats ezazu API gakoa dagokion espaziora Weglot Translate ezarpenen behealdean, eta egizu klik gordetzeko. Ondoren, sar ezazu zure webgunearen jatorrizko hizkuntza eta nahi dituzun itzulpen hizkuntzak.
  5. Horra alderdi dibertigarri bat. Zure itzulpenaren botoiaren estiloa pertsonalizatu ezazu (adierazleen ikonoak gehitu edo ezabatu, hizkuntza-zerrenda zabalgarria bihurtu nahi baduzu, hizkuntza bakoitzaren izen osoa bistaratu edo 2 hizkiko hizkuntza kodea…)
  6. Click “Save.”.
    7.(Optional) Go to Appearance -> Widgets, then drag and drop the « Weglot Translate » widget where you want it to appear.
    Refresh your web page.Your website is now multilingual and available in the selected translation languages. You can switch languages to see your live translated pages.

Prest zaudenean, zure itzulpenak zuzenean edita ditzakezu zure kontuaren atalean.


Weglot Translate doakoa al da?

  • Weglot Translate doakoa da itzulpen hizkuntza bakarra duten webgune txikientzat (2.000 hitz baino gutxiago).
  • Our WordPress multilingual plugin is cost-effective like no other, with custom paid plans to suit your translation needs. Check our pricing for more information.
  • Weglot Translate also offers a 10-day free trial version; try our multilingual website solution today!

Weglot bateragarria al da SEOrekin?

Weglot Translate is 100% optimized for multilingual SEO. It creates a dedicated URL for each language to ensure the proper indexation of your translated multilingual content on search engines like Google. SEO tags are also translated and editable within your Weglot Translate account, for the ultimate control of your translations.

Can I try Weglot before buying a plan?

Yes, we have a 10-day free trial—no commitment, no credit card required—that everyone can use to test Weglot on your site. After the trial, you can choose to stay on the free plan and keep your translations (if your word count is below 2,000).

How many languages are supported?

Weglot supports over 110 languages and offers the option to create custom languages for subscribers to the Advanced plan and upwards. That means you can have translations in French Canadian, British English, Mexican Spanish, or even Klingon.

Will using Weglot slow down my website?

Weglot stores translations in an external server, which means it won’t put any additional load on your webpage. Your website will continue running at the same speed as it has before, even with several more translations added.

Weglot Translate bateragarria al da WooCommerce-rekin?

Yes, you can use Weglot Translate to create a multilingual WooCommerce store without any compatibility issues. Even your checkout page is translated—and the translations are editable from your Weglot Translate dashboard.

Migratu al dezaket WPML edo Polylang-etik Weglot Translatera?

  • Yes, you can easily migrate from Polylang or WPML to Weglot Translate. Simply deactivate your Polylang or WPML existing multilingual / translation plugin, and you’ll immediately be able to start using Weglot Translate.
  • If you need to import any preexisting translations from WPML, Polylang or any other multilingual plugin, feel free to contact us directly at support@weglot.com.

Nola konfigura dezaket Weglot Translate?

Weglot Translate is easy to set up to get a multilingual website in minutes:

  1. Kontu bat konfiguratzeko, zoaz https://dashboard.weglot.com/register-wordpress webgunera.
  2. Kopia ezazu API gakoa Weglot arbeletik. Halako zerbait izango da: “wg_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”.
  3. Aurkitu ezazu Weglot Translate ezarpenen orrialdea zure WordPress administratzailearen arbelaren behe-ezkerraldean.
  4. Itsats ezazu API gakoa dagokion espaziora Weglot Translate ezarpenen behealdean, eta egizu klik gordetzeko. Ondoren, sar ezazu zure webgunearen jatorrizko hizkuntza eta nahi dituzun itzulpen hizkuntzak.
  5. Hona hemen alderdi dibertigarri bat. Zure itzulpenaren botoiaren estiloa pertsonaliza dezakezu (adierazleen ikonoak gehitu edo ezabatu, hizkuntza zerrenda-zabalgarria bihurtu nahi baduzu, hizkuntza bakoitzaren izen osoa bistaratu edo 2 hizkiko hizkuntza kodea…)
  6. Egizu klick “Onartu”n.
  7. (Aukerakoa) Zoaz Appearence -&gt atalera. Widgetak arrastatu eta askatu itzazu «Weglot Translate» trepeta agertzea nahi duzun lekura.

Refresh your web page. Your website is now multilingual and available in the selected translation languages. You can switch languages to see your live translated pages.

Prest zaudenean, itzulpenak zuzenean edita ditzakezu zure Weglot arbelean.

Can I edit my translations or buy professional translations?

With Weglot Translate, you can modify translations under the « Translations » tab in your Weglot account,here. If you change a translation, it’s automatically saved and displayed on your website. You can also order professional translations from your Weglot Dashboard.

How does Weglot roll out updates?

When Weglot has a new update available, WordPress will notify you of the new version. If you have auto-updates enabled, there’s nothing more to do on your end—it will automatically install the latest version for you. That’s it—no need to worry about backing up your translations or anything like that.

What can I translate with Weglot?

You can translate all your WordPress and WooCommerce content with Weglot. This includes visible elements like your homepage, blogs, and other landing pages, but even invisible parts, like your metadata. You can also use Weglot to add media translations.

Gehi ditzaket itzulitako irudiak eta bideoak?

Bai, beste hizkuntza batzuetarako irudi eta bideo desberdinak gehi ditzakezu. Hau erabilgarria da irudi batean testua baduzu eta, zure itzulpen bertsioan, “itzulitako” irudi bat bistaratu nahi baduzu. Horretarako, itzulitako beste irudi bat igo dezakezu zure WordPress galeriara. Ondoren, zure webgunearen itzulpen bertsio zuzena esteka dezakezu zure Weglot arbelera joanez eta, itzulpen zerrendan, jatorrizko URLa bilatuz; ordezka ezazu URL hau itzulpen-zutabean igo berri den “itzulitako” irudiaren URLarekin.

Weglotek URLak itzul ditzake?

Bai, zure URL slug-ak Weglot-ekin itzul ditzakezu. Hau erabilgarria da lokalizazio geruza gehigarri bat nahi baduzu. Sar zaitez eginbide honetara zure Weglot Arbelean Translations > URL Slugs, eta aukera ezazu, eskuz edo itzulpen automatikoa erabiliz, editatzea. Ziurta ezazu zure WordPress paneleko Weglot fitxara itzultzen zarela, eta sakatu freskatu itzulpena amaitzeko.

Itzulpenetan, bazterketak eta salbuespenak egin ditzaket?

Zalantzarik gabe, ahal duzu! Bazter itzazu orrialdeak edo orrialde-zatiak itzulpenetik jatorrizko edukira atxiki nahi baduzu. Itzulpen arau pertsonalizatuak sor ditzakezu orrialdeak eta bidalketak nahi duzun moduan itzultzeko.

Can I use Weglot Translate on more than one website?

Yes, Pro plans and above offer multisite support. This allows you to manage translations in several languages and several multilingual websites separately and gives access to one person per website.

Weglot Translatek eskaintzen al du laguntzarik?

Yes, and our users love us for it; just check out our reviews! The Weglot Translate team offers support for all users, with priority accorded to premium members. Be sure to check out our Help center. Post a topic on the support forum, or email us at support@weglot.com if you have any questions.

Can I use subdomains for each language?

It’s not currently possible to use several subdomains on WordPress with Weglot Translate such as de.website.com. However, Weglot uses subdirectories in your URL to separate all the multilingual versions of your website.

For example, if your website is website.com, then the French version would be website.com/fr/, same for the German version website.com/de/, and so on. This is repeated for each version of your new multilingual website. A unique URL is therefore created for each version of your multilingual web page, which is important for your SEO.

What is the quality of Weglot’s translations?

Weglot offers the same high quality of automatic translations throughout all plans, from free to enterprise. We use leading providers like DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator to bring you the most accurate translations for your language pairs. You can also refine these translations, have team members edit them, or professionally translate them throughout all plans.


2024(e)ko maiatzaren 24(a)
I subscribed to their monthly plan and added their widget to my WordPress site. After browsing just a few pages, I quickly exhausted their 50,000-word limit. This service is prohibitively expensive; it’s unrealistic for anyone, even a billionaire, to sustain such costs. It was a mistake to use their service, especially considering the many alternatives available in the market.
2024(e)ko maiatzaren 23(a)
Never had such a pleasant experience with another plugin’s customer support. Weglot customer support is one of the best ones. Quick responses and they help you A LOT! They go very far to keep their customers happy and satisfied!
2024(e)ko maiatzaren 22(a)
Weglot works like a charm & has great support. Totally recommend it!
2024(e)ko maiatzaren 20(a)
This solution is more expensive than the other multi-language plugins… BUT was the only one compatible with my website! All the others were causing issues and giving me headaches. Moreover, they have a great and fast customer service ! I surely recommend Weglot!
Irakurri 1.695 berrikuspenak

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“Translate WordPress and go Multilingual – Weglot” software librea da. Ondoko pertsonek egin dizkiote ekarpenak plugin honi.


Translate WordPress and go Multilingual – Weglot 27 eskualde-ezarpenetara itzuli da. Eskerrik asko itzultzaileei beraien ekarpenengatik.

Itzul zaitez Translate WordPress and go Multilingual – Weglot zure hizkuntzara.

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Aldaketen loga

4.2.6 (19/03/2024)

  • Security: sanitization fixes; thank you Wordfence (CVE-2024-2124)

Older versions

Our complete changelog is located in the changelog.md file in the plugin folder.

The change log is located in the changelog.md file in the plugin folder.